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GHK Hints, Tips and adjustable nozzle

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Since becoming an official dealer of GHK products, we've been thinking of ways to vary the FPS, with this guide.

If your GHK G5, M4 or AK gas blowback rifle is too high an FPS for your site then you might want to try Socom Tactical nozzle mod for a way to drop it down a notch or two, or even crank it up.
shows you how to do it, all details of what you need are in the video as well as a thorough guide on what to do. Enjoy!
If you need any hints, tips or advice with your GHK, check out our Facebook group, the 'GHK Owners Club' to discuss issues or compare different set ups for your GHK rifles, this includes M4s, G5s and AK series.
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