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G&G FS-51?


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Looking to get an idea on price of my G&G FS-51

16668996703_e2cf1b1618_s.jpgDSCF7132 by dradis cosplay, on Flickr

17101674870_f38b8f6d8b_t.jpgDSCF7133 by dradis cosplay, on Flickr

16668982323_3b4df8b5aa_t.jpgDSCF7131 by dradis cosplay, on Flickr


The rifle itself has been downgraded to fire 350 fps (it was doing about 380 out the box!), and fitted with a deans battery connector.

It comes with


  • 1 x 8.4v Ni-MH battery pack

  • 5 X King arms mid-caps (4 working, one missing base plug)

  • 1 X non-working JG hi-cap

  • 1 x origional G&G hi-cap, which has never worked properly

  • 4 X 7.62 Magpuls (3 black 1 green)

  • 1 X G&G G3/Mp5 clamp-on top rail

  • 1x black bungie sling

  • 1 X Element M600 scoutlight (button tailcap)
  • 1X G&G Vertical foregrip



Considering selling because I've fallen in love with my little AK so this doesn't get much use any more.

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