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WTS: Night camo parkas, pouches, vests, etc.


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Item location: Gresham, OR

Trades:NONE. I'm after upgrade parts, which I don't trade for, sorrie

Payments: Paypal or cash for FTF transactions

Shipping: NOT included in prices. Deals will be made for purchases of 3+ items. All items ship USPS w/ tracking. Insurance is recommended, but on your dime.

Corgi puppy not for sale or trade.

More pictures of everything can be provided. I apologize for the picture quality, I'm working with my phone.


USGI night camo parkas, size MEDIUM. Great shape. Obviously used. One on the left is a bit more faded than the one on the right. No holes or blood stains. If you're not familiar with the parkas, they run large as they are meant to be worn over your BDUs. A medium can easily fit a large framed person. $30 each or both for $55


ORC Industries level 7a vests, sized medium. Both are in amazing shape, almost look unused, plus they are made in Mercia for added freedom! They are in that swag *albatross* shade of PCU grey. $50 each or both for $90


Eagle CIRAS shoulder pad, MJK. Brand new, never used. Just the one pad. $13

VFC gas charger, black. Needs some work, top valve won't reset correctly. Don't have the time to fiddle with it. $13

Eagle ALICE/belt mount double pistol pouch, MJK. Great shape, almost looks unused. Comes with ALICE clips. $13

KA chopped carry handle style BUIS, painted. Good shape, has a worn paint job. $13

SIG holster might be for sale, need to talk to wife about it...

Tactical Tailor triple M4 mag pouch, woodland. All are in good shape, but have seen some *suitcase*. All have both MALICE clips. No real damage, just a bit crusty. $12 each

Tactical Tailor smoke/flashbang pouch, woodland. Same condition as the mag pouches. Include MALICE clips. $8 each







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Update with new info!


WTS/WTT also WTB list:Eagle RRV, pouches, bits and bobs
Item location: Gresham, OR
Payments: Paypal or cash for FTF deals
Trades/WTB list:
Tactical Tailor two piece woodland MAV
Paraclete woodland canteen pouch
HSGI bleeder pouch and double TACO in woodland
Shipping:Included in prices. All items ship USPS w/tracking. Different carriers/insurance is available on your dime. International shipping also available at your expense.
Orc Industries level 7a cold weather vests, PCU grey. Great cold weather/camping kit. Pocket big enough for phone and smokes (though I don't smoke) or whatever stuff you need to keep handy. Both are in amazing condition. No rips or tears or even funky smells, just your normal surplus funk. One has a black zipper and the other has a grey one.Asking $50 each or both for $80
Eagle RRV V2, MJK. Chest rig is  professionally modified, the bib and attachment D-rings have been removed along with the plate holder on the back to make it that bit more streamlined and lighter. The V2 is different in that it's made of 500D and has no ALICE webbing. It's like being stupid sexy Flanders and "wearing nothing at all". The original backstrap was not included when I bought it, just has this replacement one. Buckles match up perfectly, just has different webbing. Includes two of the buckle in attachment things along with 8 elastic keepers (5 tan 3 green). $130
Tactical Tailor universal mag pouch, woodland. In good used shape. Very early gen as they don't even have a tag on em. Velcro is in good shape and all the MALICE clips work fine. Hold 3 M4 or 2AK mags, or 2 308 mags. Asking $12 each or all mag pouches and the banger for $50
Tactical Tailor flashbang/smoke pouch, woodland. Same state as the mag pouches. Early gen, woodland doesn't look like M81, but maybe French woodland? Great shape all the same, buckle clicks great. $8 or $50 with all the universal mag pouches
Eagle ALICE/belt mount double pistol pouch, MJK. Great shape, looks brand new. Comes with ALICE clips $14
Eagle CIRAS shoulder pad, MJK. Just the one pad, not a set. Brand new, never used. $15
Eagle ICOM pouch, MJK. Lightly used, has a small sap mark on the bottom of the pouch. Great shape all around. Super hard to find! $50
Eagle double mag pouch, MJK. Good shape, hasn't been used a whole lot. Elastic in great shape. $14
More pictures can be found here
Anything not listed for here is not for sale!
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