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Hello everyone, 


I just did a review of the Pirate Arms 522 holo sight, so here it is:


The sight comes in a neat box.



Inside the box we find the 552, an instruction manual, 2 x AA batteries, an Allen key and a cleaning cloth.



The 552 is all metal apart from the battery housing, which is made of strong plastic with some kind of thin rubberized coating.

On the left side we find the the pirate arms logo



On the front you can pull back the hatch lock, releasing the battery compartment that takes the 2 AA batteries.



The Optic windows are made out of plastic that’s not bb safe.

when you look through them, you have a clear sight without any blur or reflections.



The buttons to activate the optic, are rubberized and bulky enough for easy manipulation even when wearing gloves.



Pushing on the up or down button activates the sight.

These buttons let you adjust the intensity of the reticule.

Pressing the NV that stands for night vision use on the real 552, switches the color of the sight from red to green.

Pressing both the up and down button at the same time, powers off the optic.

*Please note that the reticule is much bigger in real life.  It gets cropped by the camera*




The reticule is intense enough so that you can use it in brightly lit areas. Just make sure your batteries aren't depleted! :)



On the right side of the 552, we find the adjustment screw to move the aiming reticule up or down, and left or right.

This way you can perfectly set your reticule to the trajectory of your bb.



With just unscrewing the bolt, the 552 will fit on any picatiny rail.





- Strong build

- Price

- Decent quality replica


- Its not a real eotech :(



Overall the the pirate arms 552 looks great, performs well and will satisfy the majority of airsoft or milsim players and that is exactly what it is made for.



I will finish the video review tomorrow and post the link either here or in the appropriate section.


Kind regards,


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Okey just a little update here.

It seemed my batteries were depleted, once i put in new ones, the reticule was so intensy that you could perfectly see it underneath a lamp!
So the one con i could come up with is no more... just make sure the batteries arent dead :P

I will also edit this in the post



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hahahahah yea but they actually make decent stuff!

Especially their flip to side magnifier is nice, that review is to come soon!


It is pretty decent yes. But they don't make anything.

It's just rebrand, like swissarms (cyberfail), WE (their optics), milspex, etc... .


For the Europeans, the store is really good, go check it out.

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The only thing I am interested in reviews of Eotechs is how bad the mirroring in direct sunlight is...


yeah looks like the same ACM S*** EO-tech clones you get all over, but it did not look as shaded and reflecting as the worst ###### out there, but for real use the AP copys are just SO much better.


AP? What company is that?


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Hey there Faire,
I will take that in mind when i do a review about these kind of optics next time, thanks!
So there IS some mirroring in the sun it seems, but not too bad, and thats again all personal because whats bad for you might not be as bad for me you know :)




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