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Review Eotech 553 HWS from Element

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The Eotech 553


Is a so called Holographic Weapon Sight (HWS) for the first time developed by Eotech in '96 (meanwhile part of L3)

In this sight the reticle is generated with the use of a laser !

This contrary to a dot sight, in wich the dot is projected by a lighsource on an hollow lens.




From about half 2004 this sight became "famous" when it was added to the SOPMOD kit of USSOCOM (aka SU-231 B/PECQ) this in the "Block I phased improvements"

They were seen quit often, in combination with a magnifier.

Later on it appeared that the Elcan Spectre was a kind of replacement for the 553, with magnifier ?

Meanwhile the 553 is already being  replaced by the newer EXPS-3 versions.(aka SU 231 B/PECQ)

These are again more seen with magnifiers.


In Airsoftland the "553" is an iconic item, and different manufacturers are making replica's in  

multiple price ranges.

The big difference between (besides the price :D )the real and replica's .

Is that these holo-replica's  in fact are projection sights !!

The reticle is being projected by a led, on an hollow lens, (same as dot sight)

Further differences; recoil resistance,night vision compability,and problably waterproofness ?

(But since i never heard about a Scuba insertion with AEG's this should be no issue i think ? :D )



I want to show the ELEMENT version

As always the sight comes in a rigid carboard box, with a foam liner, and a nice manual !

(AAA) batteries not included !






The sight is nicely finished, with eye for detail, like the white text

"FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT/TACTICAL USE" and the laser warning sticker

Makes it just a bit more realistic, i think ?

and at least better than flashy white markings from some other brands .

An appropriate sight for who wants to do a correct build.




The sight runs on 2 AAA batteries , one of big advantages, you dont need to find expensive CR123 accu's

the batteries are placed in the plastic compartiment wich is opened, and sealed by the lever.





The control panel is located behind.consisting out of 3 rubber buttons

functions working as follows:


ON : right arrow

OFF : both arrows togheter

LIGHTER/ DARKER : arrows up and down.

RED / GREEN : de round button at the center.


The reticle is nice, clearly projected, but i must say there are some reflections depending on the ambient light sircomstances.

Bu it appears that almost all replica holosights deal with this issue.

Even this Hurricane considered as one of the beter replicas deals wit this a bit !


in the highest setting this Element is slightly less brighter than the Huricane

But according to Element this as to do with the quality of the lenses, and in this price range of sights better lenses should be to expensive .



Below the quick deatach system, consisting of 2 revolving levers, wich tighten the sight to the picatinnyrail.

this makes the sight easy to replace.





At least some random shots on my Block II CQBR 

















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