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Double Marushin review- M36 & COP 357

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Hello all, I thought I should make a review of the newest guns I got for my collection,Smith and Wesson M36 and COP 357 both from Marushin, and I'm making this a double review cause these guns share a little history at some point and both were made as police guns. 

I apologize for the pictures but like this I dont need to upload a ton of photos.



Real steel history. (This is from my memory so I'm sorry if I get something wrong)


Smith and Wesson M36 was revealed at a police convention in 1950 and first called the Chief's Special, the M36 name came later when S&W started putting model numbers on their guns. This have the pistol a lot of police love cause of the small size, it uses the .38 Special ammunition.


COP 357 was made in the 70's to try make a new pistol for the police but it never gain much popularity. It uses the same .38 Special ammunition as the M36 but also 357 ammunition. COP is shortened for Compact Off-duty Police. It's more popular in these days as a novelty item cause of it's appearance in movies like the Matrix, 21 Jump Street and Captain America the Winter Soldier.




The airsoft. 




Both are Marushin's reproduction so the COP 357 is the 6mm version and the M36 is the 6mm X-cartridge version.

I bought them from Redwolf airsoft when they had their memorial day sale and paid 194$ with airmail shipping and 15% off.

The package arrived 11 days later and was not stopped or checked by customs in Norway.

It was well protected in a box with packing peanuts, the guns came in Marushins plain cardboard box and was only protected by laying snug in cardboard cut out in the shape of the gun, both came like this.





COP 365 - All plastic, silver, weighs about 400g, 4 barrels w/ 1-6mm BB in each, FPS 250 w/ green gas (cold day) pulling back the rear sight opens where you put the BB in.


S&W M36 - All plastic, matt black, weighs about 460g, 5x shells w/ 1-6mm BB in each, FPS 180 w/ 134a gas (cold day) 













Both sports really nice trademarks which warms a collectors heart.



COP 357

Left side- Cal.38/357 MAG on the barrel and COP logo + "Cop INC, Torrance, CA. USA."

Right side- the standard "Marushin industries co,ltd Made in Japan" STGA






S&W M36

Left side- S&W trademark + "Smith & Wesson" on the barrel

Right side- ".38 S&W. SPL:" + Made in Japan, Marcas Registradas Smith & Wesson, Springfield Mass. STGA







Shooting, functionality and last thoughts.


I can start of by saying non of these would be any good as skirmish guns cause of the low power, short barrel and few BB's to shoot, but as a collectors item and something that's just fun to shoot at home and have as a show piece, these guns shine. 



The COP 357 with 4 barrels can be a little strange to shoot because you never know where the BB will come out, there's a rotating piece where the barrels lay over when closed that have a red dot to show what barrel will shoot next, the trigger pull is crazy long and it feels like it stops before the last hard squeeze to fire, so this is double action only. One fill with gas is enough for over 170 shots, I didn't have the patience to find out  exactly how many.


The S&W M36 is a fun little revolver, 5 shells that can be loaded like a real revolver just adds to its realism and in my book that's a plus sins I only collect guns and don't skirmish. This is the heavy weight version so even if its plastic its cold to the touch. It makes a really nice click when pulling the hammer back, the double action is smooth unlike another Marushin revolver I own.



This is my third review so I hope it was informational enough, I'm still learning to write better even tho my english isn't all that good  :D 

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