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Silverback DTA SRS A1


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Friend has one.


It seems really well build in most areas.

Spring compression is slightly more than normal AEG length; some AEG springs won't fit. Take out the bearing or cut the spring.


It is really annoying to cock compared to a normal rifle. Arnold schwarzenegger level pec strength required.

If you want to do like 200m/s or more, forget it.


Pistol head is normal AEG conical.

It fell off after 500 shots or so, but it is simple to work with.


The piston is made of alu. I can see this wearing out over time when swapping springs etc. They could have made this out of steel instead.


It does 20m/s + with normal hopup, and about 0m/s+ once set for 0.40. So a M120 spring will give 120m/s when dialed in for 0.40.


The piston (or rather, cylinder) is held forward by the cocking handle being flipped down. If you accidentally flip it up (there is no locking mechanism), it will fly back and uncock, and require the next shot to doublefeed.

But the system is very simple and solid. It will last a long time.


Precision seemed good, but adjusting the hopup takes a long time. The left/right hop adjustment seems to work.


It is very easy to swap cylinder assemblies on it.


It is also simple to see if it is loaded or unloaded. If charging handle is up, it is unloaded.

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Already ordered the the pull bolt from ehobby :D
I took about 300 shots that day with the m140, I would say if you got used to the movement with a weak spring its just moderate to push the 140, but my teamate couldnt load it at all :D probably because the movement was so new to him. Also ordered a promy barrel to it and testing the hopup bucking so the improvement vids are comeing, hopefully with better results...


Until than here is a short time leapse :D



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If anyone's interested in a possible total solution to the SRS' somewhat awkward bolt, Mancraft are releasing an SDiK for this platform which should be with us in the next few weeks. For anyone who doesn't know the SDiK, it's a very affordable and fully-mechanical drop-in remote-line regulated gas conversion for BASRs that can be run on HPA or CO2 with excellent efficiency. Smaller installs (using 12g CO2 capsules) can fit into the stocks of VSR-10 rifles, although I'm not sure there's anywhere to put them in the SRS except externally (maybe in a faux rail-mounted accessory).


The key advantage for the SRS is that it removes the relationship between muzzle energy and cocking force; the SDiK has a uniformly easy and short bolt pull (push, possibly, on the SRS) which makes the guns fast and easy to cycle regardless of what muzzle energy the gun is shooting.



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As you will see from this picture of a 12g capsule sat in the rear of the stock of my SRS you aren't going to fit a capsule in there.

The slot isn't wide enough, beneath the capsule are the retaining tabs for the butt pad / risers. Immediately beneath, less than half the dia of a capsule or so, is the rear mono pod.

So not enough room for a bare capsule let alone a capsule and regulator assembly.

Also, as the stock is in two halves split along the length of the rifle, it isn't straight forward to open that space up. On a VSR you just pull the butt pad off and you are in I think.



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Well yes, you could dremel it out, but the tabs are what holds the butt pad on and the butt is what stops the bolt coming out the back. Folks are having enough issues keeping the butt pads on as it is without making the retention tabs smaller and weaker :) Also the CO2 capsule regulator assemblies I have seen are a darn sight longer and fatter than a capsule alone. Dremel away by all means but I suspect your next purchase will be a replacement stock ;)

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i am planning on buying a silverback srs, should i get the pull bolt or the push bolt variant? how does it hold up when upgraded 

I think, in general, opinion is definitely for the pull bolt rather than the push. I am very glad I bought the pull conversion for my push SRS.

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F.A.S.T. Hop Unit and maybe a better barrel if you want to. Yes folks have got significantly more than 550fps with the stock trigger unit. Whether you will be able to cock it or not is a different matter ;) The SRS is really good out of the box and needs very little , if anything doing to it out of the box.

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From Silverback's Facebook page:


Important safety warning to all SRS PULL BOLT users.

Unlike traditional spring bolt action airsoft guns using the 90° sear system from Maruzen or the 45° sear system from Marui, the SRS is using a “circular sear” system due to “bullpup reasons” (and lack of space). The interface between the piston sear and the piston end is a circular surface. When you pull the trigger, the piston sear rotate around its axis until the piston is released. By geometry, this system is auto-lock and can resist to very strong springs.

Recently, a few of you contacted us due to excessively light trigger pull and slam-firing issues. It appears that the problem was the defective pistons end (pull bolt), part number SRS320. The contact surface has a wrong rotation center and after upgrade and/or mechanical wear, the system can’t lock the piston.

This issue may affect the following references:

SRS replicas:

SRS parts: 
- SBA-BBA-03
- SBA-BBA-04
- SBA-BBA-05
- SBA-BBA-06
- SBA-BPS-03
- SBA-BPS-04

This is a possible safety issue and defective piston end SRS320 needs to be replaced. We strongly suggest you to inspect your piston end as not all of the defective parts will show signs of light trigger pull or slam-fire.

If you find it to be defective (with a ~45° contact surface instead of a correct ~19° contact surface) please contact us at info@silverback-airsoft.com, we will get back to you shortly with details regarding the free replacement procedure.

If your SRS is equipped with the defective piston end and showing sign of light trigger or slam-fire, please refrain from using it until you get the replacement part.

Corrective actions have already been taken on our side, all defective parts have been eliminated and all our authorized retailers’ partners are advised to make sure that all parts SRS320 now available are safe to use.

We’re very sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Silverback Airsoft Team


 To see the image which accompanies this announcement look on the Silverback Facebook page. 

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Silverback has a pretty top notch customer service. My SRS has a defective piston and I e-mailed them about it. Response came on the very next day and they only asked a photo of the piston end and my gun's serial number, to verify that it is indeed defective. I sent these and the shipping of a new piston end followed just as quick as the answer to my first e-mail. Kudos.

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