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Stuff of Nightmares

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Dios mio! Where are these entitled bastards coming from?!?


This after explaining to him why I can't give away gun plans that have already been bought by a company, for free.


"I'm not demanding i am just saying it is just an *albatross* thing to do from my opinion because at the end of the day it is still just a toy gun, unless you thought "This is gonna make meh rich!" Again, not against you just against your ethics, not saying they are wrong, just think you are going about it the wrong way.?"

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There's some dumb entitled people in the world.

Also... Just a general post that Ed-Skar's work definitely doesn't belong in a nightmares thread.

Also going back to aj earlier page's discussion Jai3 the thing is regardless of the fact that chronoing using .2s vs the bn weight used by the player in game is wrong because of joule creep issues pretty much all the insurance companies at least on this side of the pond that cover airsoft require you to chronograph weapons in a certain way and if you don't do it exactly as they tell ou to then you risk the thing you pay large amounts for not being valid when it needs to be.

Ok now a new topic the boy now has his/my dream gun well sort of. What we have is a JG SA58 the carbine with thenreciever rail. The previous owner bought a barrel extension with an L1A1 flash hider to bring it to the full rifle length barrel when attached so tbh with the money we have and the price and manufacturers of the alternatives its close enough to an L1A1 for us to be happy especially as its the full metal gun and it has a recoi/blowback unit.

Now bearing in mind the gun is running at 350-355 (last time it got chrono'd in February) and its site legal as a full auto gun at up to 360 is it worth locking it to semi auto allowing it to be taken to iirc 420 but then requiring a 30m med. Do you guys think it would be worth it and what's the best way to do it that won't damage the gun. I have been told that shaving the selector plate would do it pretty easily and be simply replace a part to reverse it.

The gun has a selector and a rail so its never going to be 100% SLR but i would rather not put screws into the body or stuff like that and any DMR would require a mechanical block on full auto to be used as a DMR and id want to do it in a way that doesn't cause it to look janky or be a ballache to return to its normal operation is it worth it or am i better off just sorting the hop up maybe changing the inner barrel and just leaving it on semi and 350?

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