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How about this?

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I hope this is the right place to post this, if not please move it.


Tic and Tac (my favourite neurons) had a bit of abinge last night and came up with this for a game:


One day, the leadres of the great nation of Lummox decided they needed to build a new hospital for military people with psychiatric issues.

They looked about and found this half-used, kind of remote military base.

Perfect, they said.

So they built the hospital and filled it with highly trained crazies.

One little detail slipped their collective minds: the rest of the base was occupied by their very special and very secret Laboratory of Highly Destructive and Cavernous Weapons.


One day, the thing that no one could predict came to be: The crazies busted out of the hospital and overran the whole base.


Now we have our game:

 - The crazies want to get their hands on a special gas that is being manufactured at the lab. It turns everyone crazy, so they take over the world! :)

 - The guards need to keep the gas from falling to the crazies, and they NEED to get the guardouse back from the crazies.

 - The spies: they want to take advantage of th chaos and steal some plans lying aorund the labs.


 A few special rules:

 In the crazies spawn point, there are two special items: a closed box with some folded strips of paper, and a bowl of colored candy.

 When a crazy spawns he or she will reach into the box, take a strip of paper, read it, keep his mouth shut, and put it back in the box.

 On that strip of paper will be written is particular mania, and the color of the medicine he/she must take to keep sane(ish).

 If the player fails to take the medicine on time, it's time to go crazy! :)


 The guards aboslutely NEED to get the guardhouse back for a simple reason: The guard on duty when the crazies stormed the place panicked and initiated a nuclear selfdestruct mode for the whole base. If it's not stopped in x minutes, it's bye-bye.


 The spies are a smaller team, and their objective is just to grab some secret stuff left lyng around in the chaos (and just maybe mess a bit with the timer on the nuke...). Of course, both the guards and the crazies will be out to get them.


If you think you're nutty enough to get such a game going, go ahead.


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Sounds like a good idea with a lot of potential for development.


Myself, I would steer away from the "crazies" idea in case anyone found it offensive.


What may be a good alternative but similar story is that there could be two warring nations, let's for simplicity sake call them country A and country B. In a recent push country A has taken land from country B and needs to set up a military prison for its disobedient soldiers or prisoners of war.


Unknowingly , country A has selected some disused buildings which are above an underground weapons factory still belonging to country B. Country B sends in a Spec. Ops. Team consisting of two four men teams in order to destroy the factory and recover Plans. In the breach prisoners are somehow freed from their cells and naturally try to escape.


So you have disorientated guards who think they are stopping a riot or jail break and can earn points by recapturing prisoners and taking them to a cell ( the prisoners then re spawn )


Marauding prisoners who just want revenge or to escape ( fight their way to a certain place on the site and score a point for every escaped prisoner?)


A determined spec ops team who are hostile to everyone they encounter because they must keep the base classified , they earn points by gathering Intel which may be on some enemies who have stumbled across weapons plans etc. or also by planting a bomb ?

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