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review: ELEMENT SureFire X300 handgun weaponlight

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The SureFire X300 handgun weaponlight



Like the name itself says , is part of the X series of SureFire's handgun weaponlight's.

Due to the pretty "streamlined" design of this lightweight,  tactical illuminator , the overall "silhouet

of the secundary handgun remains quite unchanged.

Holsters don't need to be TO bulky,  the controls are ambidextrous, and easy to use.

SureFire has 2 models the "normal" X300Ultra,   and the  X300V wich as an IR function !

we see these flashight's these days very often in use with proffesional users 


As airsofters we also like to be as "tacticool" as possible, with actual hardware on our replica's !

But ! ....The normal X300 cost's a $300, !  and the X300V a  $390 !

I am pretty  sure that for some players this wil be a bit too pricy !!


The ELEMENT replica's makes it - also to the less wealthy players- possible to run an X300 on his replica .

Myself i still have the "older" X300 version (replica of the X300Ultra) but recently the X300 is upgraded to the X300 Vampire (replica of the X300V

this last one, besides as a strobe function !!


The ELEMENT X300 comes in the welknown blister packaging in a rigid plastic bag.

I have the BLK version , but a FDE/TAN version exist as wel. 


This Flashlight as real SureFire markings al over, a very nice detail -in my opinion- for those wo want a realistic build replica !

The housing and torch are made out of metal, the tailcap-with switch and pictiny fixation

are made out of plastic !!


The Flashlight works on two -not included- CR 123 batteries 

wich need to be placed side by side, from behind after opening the tailcap.

The whole flashlight besides is made splashproof.

A powerful led bulb produces a 220 lumens bright light beam.


The controls are ambidextrous , and easy to operate,  even with the shooting hand !

By turning the swith either up- or downwards, the flashlight can be set to continue or momentary.


I have the X300 installed  on the rail of my Kimber , and there the fit is just perfect.

The "recoil bar" is spring loaded, and needs to be hold firmly down , before sliding the light onto the rail, once on the desired position the bar "spring's" in place and the flashlight is locked.!


Pro's:  -The ELEMENT X300 as an acurate design, with correct SureFire markings

           - A powerful 220 lumens bright lightbeam

           - a very affordable alternative for airsoft use


Con's; -Altough not yet experienced, the plastic parts are problably the Achillesheel of this

            further very nice tactical illuminator

          -work's on expensive CR123 accu's



















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Great review! just a punctuation, cr123 batteries might be expensive in regular shops, but if you browse around DX.com you will find some cheap rechargeable ones, I have some 3v and 3.7v rechargeable batteries and they work like a charm, just be sure that the voltage do not fry the bulb or the diode of the red dot :lol: True story 

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