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Reliable, low maintenance CO2 Glock replica


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New hop-up rubber, and depending upon how bad the original is, new inner barrel should sort the accuracy out. The Nine Ball VSR-type rubber is I think the most commonly recommended rubber.


Check that the inner barrel is clean and the factory hop-up rubber is correctly seated first, of course.

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Just out of curiousity, how long do you reckon I could leave my KP01's magazines charged with CO2? Can I charge them the night before a game, or do I have to wait until the morning of? Do I have to depressurize them in between days during a weekender, or is leaving them charged for ~48 hours okay? I only ask because I do weekenders pretty regularly and don't want to waste tons of CO2.

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I put them in but do not turn the cap all the way so the CO2bulb isn't pierced.

Just before the start I turn the caps closed to the bulb is pierced, but do that to only 2 mags ( I have 5. Four in pouches, one in GBB )

In calm times, pierce a bulb when you feel you need it. Sometimes I go a day with 3 mags with pierced bulbs and just fill with BB's. I could get 4-5 mags out of one bulb, sometimes.

When a bulb is empty, treat it like a malfuntion and insert mag with some CO2 in.


It's a tiny bit cumbersome, having to have a hex key at the ready, but I don't waste much CO2 and I like the chance of 'simulated malfuntion of the mag' if the O2bulb is empty.


CO2 mags should be able to take the pressure for a few days if you've maintained them ( oiled them ) the day before use.

Never just dump CO2 ( or any gas, but expecially CO2 ! ) by pressing the valve. You'll damage all the rubber it passes trough/by because rubber ( and plastic ) don't like cold. 

They crack, become brittle.


I realise I gave more info than asked for, but it's good info if you didn't know already.

Also, I like apple cider and all this typing might be a slight side-effect.


oops ^^

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Moons ago I sold my replacement eliteforce 1911tac to a friend and he's left charged co2 caps in the mags since he got it. Only one mags leaks and that was the first mag I got for the gun. It needs a new valve 100%.


No amount of lube kept that mag from leaking, the other 4 are still holding gas.


I'm no fan of co2, I use mapp or "performance gas".

If it don't work then, I dont work. I hate the cold, that's me being old.

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