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TAGinn Shell Pro vs Shell Regular

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Just got the TAGinn Shell Pro! Here’s a brief test report:


Environment: Indoor, 80.7 degree F
Chronograph: Shooting Chrony F-1
Launchers: VFC EGLM
Shells: TAGinn Shell Pro and Shell Regular
Gases: CO2
Projectile: TAGinn Pecker (24 gm)


1. Shell Pro, CO2 (800 psi): 163.8, 175.4, 181.9, 189.1, 130.3, 160.2 fps – AVG 166.8 fps; 31.0 J, 2.9 J/cm^2, ~7 mm ballistic clay indentation
2. Shell Regular, CO2 (450 psi): 174.6, 150.3, 156.8, 175.0, 220.3, 168.9 fps – AVG 174.3, 33.9 J, 3.2 J/cm^2, ~7 mm ballistic clay indentation
3. Shell Regular, CO2 (300 psi): 114, 117.7, 116.5, 117.0, 117.7, 119.4 fps – AVG 117.7, 15.4 J, 1.4 J/cm^2, ~3 mm ballicstic clay indentation


Both Shell Pro and Shell Regular at maximal operational gas pressure (800 and 450 psi) propelled projectiles which were below 40 J head injury threshold, and less than 44 mm ballistic clay lethal criteria.


TAGinn Shell Pro, when charged with unregulated 12 gm CO2 cartridges, produced comparable velocities to that of Shell Regluar at 450 psi. This may be caused by the signicant smaller chamber volume in Shell Pro, which stores similar amount of CO2 gas at 800 psi as Shell Regular at 450 psi.


High gas pressure resulted in greater variabilities in velocities in both Shell Pro and Shell Regular, while low gas pressure showed better consistency in velocities. This may suggest that low gas pressure will improve shooting accuracy, while lowering the injury risks. 117.7 fps produced by Shell Regular at 300 psi should be able to reach effective range of greater than 150 feet, based on my previous experiences.


TAGinn claimed the Shell Pro may be safe to use with unregulated 12 gm CO2 cartridges. The results showed Shell Pro, when charged with unregulated 12 gm CO2 cartridges, appeared to propell projectiles at velocities within safety limits.




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