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What's the worst/funniest question you have ever heard of?


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I not sure if I mentioned this in the Schnitzel thread but I sold a sofa a few years ago.  Advertised it in the local paper and online stuff for sale thing.  Had a description, dimensions e.t.c.


A few days later I get a phone call. 

Idiot: Hi.  I'm interested in your sofa.  I was wondering if it would fit in my trailer?

Me: That would depend on how big your trailer is wouldn't it fella.

Idiot: Oh yeah.  I suppose.

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Right after me telling my friend that he should just save up for a KSC mp7 instead of the WE SMG 8, he literally asks me:


"Is WE okay?" (And yes, it's the same guy who asked if silencers are good)

WE is the right size for a start. :P


Definitely should go with the Small Rice though.

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At the pub ordering some chips, they had been a while.


Me: How long the chips will be?


Barmaid: ermm about this big *holds up her hands to shoe the literal size of chips, not the time* :/


on my phone, my spelling will suck


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