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Umarex/VFC/Stark Arms Walther PPQ M2 GBB

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I got fed up with it still being kinda wonky so I just did this; 




Coated all moving and interfacing surfaces with a light coat of teflon grease.


Another 500 reps on the trigger and this thing should be as smooth as can be...


Oh, and I am getting really tired of these SA/VFC *suitcase* internals. Notice the top front mounting hole for the BBU screw is broken off. I saw it was cracked when taking it apart and then the piece just fell off. *fruitcage* joke :|

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If I ever get into shooting real pistols this one is definately at the top of my list. Absolutely love everything about it! :D

(not the *suitcase* talk I have been doing specifically about the SA/VFC version but the gun as a gun. Egonomics, feel etc.)



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There is a video of Hellenic special forces testing this pistol for acceptance. It's quite good and shows them making "triple taps" with the pistol with terrific effect (also shooting underwater and some torture testing). I've shot 9mm out of numerous handguns (including a custom chopped Devel 9mm and Detonics 9mm and owned the .45 version) and never had any difficulty with it. I believe most of the time is the issue of how well the firearm is designed and fits the hand. The PPQ has probably the best grip for a 9mm pistol currently on the market. Of course that is just my opinion.


I would like to see them make a replacement slide (even if it's going to be a tad higher) just to resolve the slide splitting issue and maybe some better fitting of the trigger group to take care of the gritty issue on some of these pistols.


They just offered the VFC PPQ with a "law enforcement blue" frame (which is actually not that bad) and "wildberry red" (it's pink!) in the USA. I've ordered 2 of the blue as I've a son who plays Mass Effect and some other video games and some of the weapon color schemes are pretty interesting, so I'm going to give it a go. I figure that with the frame material being blue all the way through, I wont hav to worry about having to re-finish it due to wear.

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Just acquired the grey-framed version.


On the left side of the frame it's got CARL WALTHER / ULM/DO.  And further back I Warnhinweise beahten


On the right side it's pretty naked.  No FAP+serial number on chamber/ejection port or the slide.


Frame has a white printed F in a hexagon and further forward Cal. 6mm BB.  That's all.


Serial number on the back of the frame, just under the slide.


Does not come with any exchangeable backstraps.


Was there ever a version with a working loaded/cocked indicator? (Or am I confusing with the P99?)


Racking it a few times, the slide has already begun to mark the top of the chamber with some faint longitudinal scratches.  So I may be filing shortly.


That's about it.

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Nah there is no loaded indicated on the PPQ. P99, yes.


Also check out my video here on the chamber/barrel/slide situation which may cause your slide to crack...



The non-asia editions, which I think the gray frame is, do not have full markings.

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But the funny thing is that on most retail sites, the grey frame version is listed as being for Sale in Asia Only.  (So one of the non-Asia version is for sale in Asia only?!?!)


The box mine came in also has that on a label stuck to the front of it.  (Thankfully, at least one web-retailer is willing to ignore these things.)


Also, strangely, both the VP9 and the PPQ boxes came with little Gun Heaven hologram stickers on them.

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Yeah there's something strange going on with these latest VP9 releases saying they are "Asia Editions"... That usually means full markings and restricted to Asian market because they are not licensed/allowed outside of Asia.


Oh well.

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So how is the slide holding up after the mods? I was looking at that video and wondering whether the rear of the barrel was hitting on the slide, causing it to push forward a little too much?


I was also thinking to myself how it was looking like it was heading towards the look of an armourer modified movie blank gun, where the barrel lock has been shaved down to accommodate the blank rounds. Not necessarily too bad a look.


I was also curious about what you do with all your old parts that are no longer any use??

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