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Tm hk416 vs ICS par mk3 mtr

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Hi guys,


I'm having a very hard time deciding between these two guns, so I thought I would ask your opinion.


My intended use is not so much skirmishing, rather to take part in 2 gun shooting competition here in Japan.

(Though I might play a game one in a blue moon)


I like the look of both guns and both are around 400 us$ .





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The HK416 is the better gun, by far. That said, if you're a competitive 2-gun shooter, you might not find it optimal - I would have thought an ultralightweight plastic-bodied SBR would be a more competitive gun than a heavy metal assault rifle, especially if the recoil is going to throw your shots off.


A cheap G&G combat machine - or a plastic-bodied VFC - with a lot of upgrades seems a better competition gun than a full-metal AEG.

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