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Ghk m4 gbbr 10.5"

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Warning, I curse and I didn't really want to do the video but someone asked me to.


I'm no camera man and all I have is a ###### cellphone.

I'm not going to reiterate what nugentgl and others have said someone just wanted to see the unboxing.


I wanted to use this ( http://www.evike.com/)/products/30761/ incorrect flashhider I have on the we mk14 but it no fit, outer barrel is to big and part of the fh won't fit over it. I sad panda.



So here we go, the 551 is not real.






Next month I will have a rail kit, need to decide on a flashhider. The aac style is oos at Evike so I think I will get the msk fh or maybe a scar style. All I know is I want something heavy.

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As my local site is CQB and I almost entirely field a bolt action I decided to sink for a good GBB M4. As I had a small excess of free cash for the first time in a long time I felt that I could justif

Y'all need to google;   http://www.milspecsolutions.co.uk/?route=product%2Fsearch&search=ghk

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As my local site is CQB and I almost entirely field a bolt action I decided to sink for a good GBB M4. As I had a small excess of free cash for the first time in a long time I felt that I could justify the GHK. I went for the 10.5 purely for convenience but I have since bought a 16.5 rail and barrel with plans to build a second upper receiver for woodland/non basr friendly milsims.
Rather than bog about with green gas mags I bought 3 co2 mags with the rifle and will pick up another three in a couple of months.



1j nozzle fitted it averages 312 with .25g although if the rifle has sat unused for a day or so the first 4-5 rounds come out much faster GG and co2 mags but once the rocket valve is moving again it  settles back on both types of mag regardless of fresh bulb. At 30 meters with the hop turned all the way off 0.25gs shoot dead flat, I suspect when not in a CQB environ I'll move to .36g or .4g for better range.
I am in the process of converting the stock nozzle to include a grub screw so I can fine tune the FPS should my 1j nozzle fail.


A little bit of polishing to the underside of the BCG and some super secret slip lube has taken away much of the grittiness of the action. The noisiest component is now the buffer spring which I installed the stiff spring Samoon kindly sent me along with a space hop chamber, bolt stop and hop rubber.

I have a full compliment of KJW-M9 fill valves with which I intend to implement the devilhunter mod so I can refill my mags from a 20zo paintball tank which would mean less chasing sparklets round my case or faffing with changes in the field.


OOTB I have nothing but praise for this gun. Time will tell of course as with all GBB rifles and being in the UK the big test


Winter is coming!

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I'll try and take some comparison pics of the 1j and stock nozzles tomorrow.
so I'm adding something to the thread, here is the oring sizes that Nugentgl put up on gasguns.

GHK Magazines:
Green Gas Valve = 1mm x 8mm; 1.1mm x 5.6mm; 1.5mm x 4.5mm (grey oring); 1.78mm x 2.57mm
C02 Valve = 1mm x 8mm; 1.1mm x 5.6mm
Magazine Tube Cap = 1.78mm x 14mm
Nozzle = 3mm x 12mm (black oring)

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According to samoons you are supposed to only fill the mags for 4 seconds.Maybe that's why it's shooting in over 1j ? Not sure.


No, that doesn't have anything to do with it. I fill usually 8-10 seconds.


I don't see anything wrong with your video, 1J should bring you down to 330-350 FPS. Stock is 380-400 FPS, If you want your FPS less, you need to go with FGAirsoft adjustable nozzle, but those are known to be inconsistent. (Doesn't actually factor the "1J" on your chrono reading AFAIK. Factors kick in like joule creeping, etc.

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Well turns out our cqb site closed down so no need for a 1j nozzle or a cqb length rifle anymore.


I am super bummed about this as now I have absolutely nothing to do this winter, i can only play on Saturday during the summer which cuts into my overtime at work.


But either way I will just have to be more careful when I am at the outdoor fields.


Still going use this gun for field use as barrel length really don't matter much with gas guns.




Payday needs to hurry up so I can get a good ar wrench.

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