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Ghk m4 gbbr 10.5"

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As my local site is CQB and I almost entirely field a bolt action I decided to sink for a good GBB M4. As I had a small excess of free cash for the first time in a long time I felt that I could justif

Y'all need to google;   http://www.milspecsolutions.co.uk/?route=product%2Fsearch&search=ghk

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Guess depends... would be $48 after discount on Evike, sometimes they do 20-35% off, so if you get it when it's good, it's good. But their shipping can be picky, and Canada customs always duty you.


I prefer dealing with Asia, but seems their discounts aren't always there sadly.

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I would of got my ghk from Evike but they have no mags in stock other than g5s. I want metal cases for colt floor plates or ranger plates.


Metal mags are definitely  better, I like the a lot more. But I can't say much cause the G5 I got came with 2 PMAGS, and the new MOD1 comes with 1 PMAG.. so 3 PMAGS and 2 STANAGS. Also EVIKE only has the ones with GHK trades now? :\

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Yep, they have stupid trademarks on we guns now. Kinda why I went ghk, also the devilhunter mod is a huge part of it.


G5 mags are the same as m4 mags per a couple vids on yt.


Yeah they are, but I enjoy the heavier weight and finish on the STANAG.

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Question, would I be able to run a real steel Magpul asap sling plate in a GHK M4?

I've seen quite a few ACM ones for GBR and PTW around, but I don't wanna trust my gun to a piece of pot metal.


Thanks !


Yes, watch my video here;



Also posted in the FB thread.

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Anybody know of the FB forum?

I used to be a member of the GHK "GBB AK, G5 M4" - or something like this name

but I can't seem to find it again....

There is one ghk Airsoft owners club.


There is another ghk m4 gbbr owners group but they won't let me in.




But noone could be bothered to help me figure out why my 1j nozzle does not shoot at 1j.


They will be the same people on Facebook.

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Anybody having a keymod rail installed on their GHK M4?

I have no experience with this typoe of rail and are wondering if it is possible to get to the hopup adjuster

without removing the entire rail each time?


Also the new Angry Gun fill valves do they work for the Devil Hunter mod?

Aaaand last where inside EU can I get CO2 release valves, Milspecsolution dont have them on their page....

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You have options,

choose a rail that the lower portion can come off.


Some dd rails(I'm not sure which ones)

Kac urx 3.1

There are others but the names slip my mind, but if they work with barrel mounted 203s.


You can cut a hole in your rail which many have done.

Many also just poke at it with a screwdriver through the holes.



Devilhunter compatible valves like the kjw like this.




For the output valve go to samoon and get the valves from the.

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