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WE Makarov PMM

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Thanks to RC's recommendation, Bakelite grip installed on the full steel Mafioso PMM.      Don't have the "right" silencer yet... 

If anyone needs bakelite grips, Baikal makes em for gen 4 MP-654K which are basically what WE copied. Needs some work to fit, mostly at the back to seat deeply enough but not too big a problem with a

To set things straight, the WE Makarov is based on Baikal's 442, one of the commercial iterations of the PMM or modernized Makarov pistol. Some people seem to think that the only PMMs in existence are

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Trouble with that is the Makarov disassembles by pulling the trigger guard down, so you would have to take the light mount off every time you want to adjust hop up..


*actually, thinking about it, it wouldn't, depending on how big it is, if it's done slim enough you could just pull the light + mount down when you need to access the hop unit / internals, so it might not be stable enough to hold a perfect zero for laser, but for light it would do just fine. 

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1 hour ago, ST19AG_WGreymon said:

Anyone here having issues with the nozzle breaking?

Nope, we have a dozen on our team and no issues whatsoever.  One of them (blue nozzle, from the first "WE USA" batch) came out of the box with the nozzle already cracked, but we replaced it with a regular WE nozzle and it's been running strong for 3 years since.  

Is your gun breaking nozzles? If so, which part of the nozzle?


Now other important stuff: 

We've been experimenting for quite a while to get these things to shoot at an acceptable FPS without using the extended inner barrel + suppressor. 

Best result so far is running RA-Tech's 6.01 x 84mm inner barrel (it's the longest one that will fit the outer), Maple Leaf Decepticon bucking + Maple Leaf I-key (glued to the hop arm). Everything else is OEM (forget about aftermarket floating valves and piston heads.... all those fancy things can't perform as good as OEM's) 

We are getting super consistent 300FPS, which is still relatively far from the 330 local limit, but much more acceptable than the ~245FPS they shoot out of the box. Accuracy and range are unbelievably good, as is the +/-1 consistency, so I think we'll keep them that way :)


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8 hours ago, renegadecow said:

Does the crazy jet barrel (84mm?) line up flush with the outer?

It does, but bear in mind the pressure relief sleeve takes 13mm out of the usable barrel length, and it's a 6.04... so the FPS are just about (o even slightly below than) that of the OEM barrel with no extension

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10 hours ago, kazuchan said:

Can we bring more fps/ Joules with heavier bb ( like 0.28 or 0.3g ) or more power gas ( 20% stronger like red can gas )?

nope and nope. As long as you keep it in the normal operating range (80 to 160PSI), gas pressure has no influence on FPS. And the gun is not a joule creeper with such a short barrel. 

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Well, I got my mak about a week ago..

..and it's not working too great. Trigger pull produces one flying bb and empties pretty much all gas in one go, mostly blowing back from the action below the slide onto my hand on the pistol grip. After that one shot the gun and the magazine are both pretty cold. Any ideas on what might be wrong?

I tried swapping out the barrel and bucking to a Maple Crazy Jet and Autobot, but the OEM parts looked to be slightly different, so I swapped the OEM parts back. Pretty sure I did not mess up anything, as there's maybe 5-8 parts involved after disassembly. And none were left on the table once I had the gun back together..😉

I also swapped the stock black grips into the WE fakelite ones, but no hicups there either. Any possible pits to fall into here..?

I am also using Nuprol 4.0, as I live here in the cold north. Could the higher pressure cause a malfunction like this? When looking the trigger mechanism nothing seems broken or anything..

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KY apparently has pretty nice customer service. I contacted them and within a few hours received a reply directing me to the correct item(it was listed as a nozzle assembly) on their website. Placed an order right away and ordered two while I was at it.

Now I just have figure out how on earth I'm going to get the nozzle return spring installed back between the slide and the BBU. Does anybody have a good technique for that?

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