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Review - Comtac XP headset

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I have previously used both the Z Tactical Comtac I and II variants and was always disappointed in them, as a comms headset they were OK and they seemed to offer reasonable ear protection but I didnt like the way the cut out and how long they took to cut back in, the comtac 1s would cut out as my aeg fired and take ages to cut back in making it harder to hear hits and I eventually binned them.


So after another weekend of fun with pyro and such at a CQB site I decided it was time to take the plunge again. Looking around those lovely forums and ebay I finally found a set of Comtac XPs at a decent price.


The Comtac XPs are essentially the same as the Comtac III headset, but without the down lead or mic (hence much cheaper), they do have the option for an audio in cable, but this is a bespoke cable not like the MSA Sordins which use a standard 3.5mm jack. However there are a number of other options for integrating these with comms and I will go through those later.


Fit - having used Peltor ear defenders for a number of jobs now, these fit exactly as you would expect, very adjustable and comfortable and it looks like they will be good for long game days, even if your ears will get a bit sweaty. I have a tight fitting Emmerson FAST jump helmet and the headset fits comfortably under this without needing to use the rail adaptors, which is good as I don't always wear the helmet and don't want to faff around if I decide not to wear it. The head band is nice and thin, noticeably thinner than the Ztactical versions.


Active volume - This is really where the Comtacs shine, the sound amplification is fantastic, clear and good amplification. When I tried them on for the first time I thought they were damaged as there was a constant noise, what I didnt realise was that it was the fan noise from the PC in the same room. When I took them out to the garden to test it was something else, I could hear so much more around me than without the headset on. I tested the cutoff by having my daughter clap right next to the ear piece, this was enough to kick in the attenuation. The wait time before the amplification was back really was negligible and more importantly vibration doesn't make the attenuation kick in like on the Ztactical headset. The amplification is also ear independent (full stereo) giving full situational awareness so you can tell where noises are coming from.


Comms Options - I have found a couple of good ways to integrate comms with this headset at no extra cost (for me at least as I already had the items).


One option is to use a PRR headset. The PRR headset is actually designed to have a set of ear defenders placed over the top, the oval raised portion fits inside Peltor ear defeners. The Comtac XPs fit comfortably over the top of a genuine PRR headset, this gives full access to comms and full hearing protection. I have also tested this with my FAST Jump helmet and it all fits comfortably. A team mate has also tested this with MSA Sordins and they fit as well.


The other option is to use a covert / in ear type set, again I have one of these I use with a fist mic and my XTN, the Comtacs fit over the covert ear piece comfortably and still seam to seal well without discomfort.


Summary - I am really impressed with how well this headset works, the sound amplification and quality is first class, and the recovery from a loud sound is really impressive and gives me the confidence to wear thes



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