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Safariland 3005-731 holster for Berettas


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Hi guys, 

I came across a Safariland 3005-731 holster for a Beretta 92F with the Surefire 633R (6V) a while ago, with the intention of acquiring the weapon light afterwards. Unfortunately; these lights are harder to source than first anticipated, so I'm looking to scrap the project. 

The holster is in the drop-leg configuration (with one thigh strap), & is in a like new condition. Would anyone be interested in this holster? How much is it worth to you? 

With thanks, 



PS: pictures available upon request... 

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As the owner of both a Safariland 6004-1731-121 (for Beretta M9/92 and SureFire 6V light, right hand version) and the Safariland 6004-733-121 (for Beretta M9/92 and SureFire 3V light, right hand version) I can tell you that the lights are rare, but obtainable. I might even have a spare since I have some extra bezels so I can change light models when necessary.


To be noted though is that these holsters ( 6004-1731-121,  6004-733-121 and your 731-121 [i assume you own a 6004, and not a 3005 due to misprint, but please provide photos to ensure this]) are all compatible with the SureFire 633, 633R, 613 and 613R lights.


Please refer to Steve's Pages and scroll down to the "SureFire" section. Or just hit Ctrl+F and search for "SureFire 313R-613R" and you should get it. Please also look at the 313-613, 333-633 and 333R-633R ones as well.


With regards to value it really depends on the condition of your holster, so some photos would be nice in order to make a more accurate valuation. When these holsters are listed on eBay they tend to have a buy-it-now price of roughly 199-249 USD, or some times even more ridiculously high numbers. But to be fair, if your holster is in as pristine condition as mine (fresh out of the box) it is generally worth around 100-150 USD. Yours is however the more "tacticool" version with only one leg-strap, which might be a good, as well as a bad, thing. It's more rare, since they where generally issued to military forces, but they lack the stability of their two-strap counterparts, like mine. And if I want a one-strap 731 I can just remove my upper strap and I'm done. Your holster lacks the option of adding a second strap which means constant limited stability, but that might not matter to some users.


In any way my verdict would be this:

Your holster would probably sell for around the 125 USD mark (plus/minus 25 USD). That would be a good price if condition is fair. Please provide photos for of it to confirm this. If you are interested in a quick sale, the 75 USD mark, or thereabouts, would be pretty down-to-earth.


Just for kicks, here is one of my light-gun-holster combos:


(I haven't permanently glued on the remote tape-switch because I don't know if I'll keep this light yet...)






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That's a nice looking piece, MODDAN


Please see the images below (apologies for the poor quality, but I can't find the cable needed to retrieve the photos from my DSLR), detailing which specific holster I own: 






Here's hoping that; if these don't verify my findings, they can at least help appraise what I've actually got here. 


Thanks for your input, I really appreciate it. 


Kind regards, 



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It is the 3005 version, since you have the thumb-snap and not the swivel system. I stand corrected.

Too bad the last digits in the number where so poorly branded, but the holster is indeed for the 6V system since the 3V system holsters looks way different. However the holster is in very good condition, so I stand by my valuation. Nothing visible as far as dings and nicks are concerned, which is good.

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