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I never even realised you could do this... might make this the default even at the risk of being banned from forum. Also, the way you stuck the dragon through the thumb hole... looked wrong. 

Made a mistake. That part no.17 that broke which I mistook for a hammer and corrected as being a disconnector is in fact a sear, as in THE main sear for the hammer. So I don't know what's going on whe

Is it odd I'm trying to read the newspaper?

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Got mine today--WOOO HOOOO!!!


Took advantage of the TIger111 Chinese New Year sale.  Got the gun (black) and two extra mags, delivered to USA, for $402, which I thought was pretty good.


Gassed up the mags and one had a vicious leak from the base plate.  Loosening the base plate screw--which was tight--then re-tightening it solved the problem.  Mags are probably the easiest to load of any GBBR I have.


There was no Dino-dong, Cockasaurus Rex speed loader in my box, and I feel cheated...


One of the first things I noticed was that the mags need to warm a fair bit after filling or performance is basically non-existent, with BBs barely sputtering out and strained cycling of the bolt.  Once warmed, ROF was very good and power seemed pretty good too.


I used the Papago fake cartridge cut-outs someone posted in the other thread, and they look pretty good!  When I first printed them from Adobe, they came out slightly small, maybe 3-5% undersize.  But when printed from Photoshop, they come out the right size.  They are far superior to the WE sticker, which is cartoonish in comparison.  I simply printed them on plain paper, cut them out, creased them appropriately, then put them under the plastic mag housing, being careful not to over-tighten the retaining screw.


Put a few mags through it (after greasing it up, it was very dry) and haven't had any drama yet.  Really looking forward to some warmer weather!

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I don't trust the grub screw at all. I tighten the lock ring against the flash hider and have the grub screw just tight enough against the barrel to keep it from shaking itself out.



For the material, it's just aluminum and very soft at that. Keeps noise a bit down though, tried a steel flash hider of similar size and shape and it was surprisingly a lot louder.

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Pretty sure p90 flash hiders are out there. What happened to yours anyway?

Suprisingly hard to find actually. I only found some american shops but I don't want to order from there. The gun was hanging by the sling on me when the sling came off and the gun landed head first on concrete. The entire thread broke off of the gun.

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You'll be needing more than just a flash hider in that case. Drill out the existing "barrel" threads or what's left of it, then insert one of those 1" barrel extensions.


Non-US source of flash hider, but it's the QD style with Gemtech suppressor.


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Well, my drama started.  While the gun still functions well, the reservoir in the gun has developed a very steady leak.  I can't be sure, but it seems like it is NOT from the brass nipple area.  It leaks with or without a mag installed.  I do not relish the idea of opening this clam.  If any one has split this thing open, can you chime in as to any surprises or areas where special care has to be taken?


On a brighter note, after inserting a piece of zip tie between the trigger and trigger wires/rods, the trigger pull is crisp and double taps are very easy--something the stock trigger could not do well at all.

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Remove the magazine catch first. And when separating the two halves hold the trigger fast to the right side. This will decrease the chances of the trigger and selector detent plunger assemblies from springing loose.


I can see why you suggest to remove the magazine catch first...but how does one do that?  I've removed all the screws, but it appears the magazine catch holds the halves of the shell together.  I've carefully pried around the catch with no success so far...


I got it.  Trick is to push only one side of the catch in, then pry the other side.  I used my fingernail and it came right off.  Using a screwdriver blade was getting me no where.


Tank doesn't appear to be bulging.  If it is bulging, it is very subtle.  Leak is at the joint of the tank halves.  I have some gasket maker compound setting up now...

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Seems to be all better now...for the moment at least.


As said above, O-ring between tank halves is mighty thin.  I added some automotive gasket maker around the seam and let it set up per the instructions.  I added gas from a magazine before reassembly and no hissing was heard.  Put gun back together and fired through a magazine in full auto bursts--no hissing.  I then removed the magazine and fired the gun while holding down the disconnector.  Oddly enough I only got three semi shots out of the reservoir.  Before, I was able to shoot well over a dozen...Will have to keep an eye on it I guess.


As far as disassembly and reassembly, no problems encountered.  The one fiddly bit, which is no biggie really, is the plastic fire selector nubbin.  It is held down weakly, which can allow it to slip fully up into the selector switch.  If this happens, it will be obvious--the switch can't be changed from one setting to another, and the body halves won't fit together.  Otherwise, to open it up is really quite easy.


Thanks for the input/help!

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