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I never even realised you could do this... might make this the default even at the risk of being banned from forum. Also, the way you stuck the dragon through the thumb hole... looked wrong. 

Made a mistake. That part no.17 that broke which I mistook for a hammer and corrected as being a disconnector is in fact a sear, as in THE main sear for the hammer. So I don't know what's going on whe

Is it odd I'm trying to read the newspaper?

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Finally got my hands on a chrono!


HK Version. 10 shots. Propane. .25gs. Room temp

High - 305fps

Low - 285fps


So a high of ~335fps on .2gs a low of 315fps. Well inside UK limits


ROF - two bursts

20rps on the dot


Very happy, especially since it is UK legal



on my phone, my spelling will suck

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Sure. Ill do it tonight, no promises on a video tho


on my phone, my spelling will suck


A crappy cell phone video will do too, just want to make sure it be OK enough to game in Canada weather during the winter season.


I can see this be a nice CQB gun beside my GHK M4 <3


Thanks m8

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Sorry was busy last night, I'll try again tonight!


In other news CNC Ali Bolt Carrier from AST by YSC -




Not much use for this now apart from ROF increase and potentially improved cool weather performance. Here's hoping a steel hop unit is next!

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