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ACM (unknown make) X300 Weapon Light review and comparison

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I haven't really seen much information on these clone lights (aside from the 2 reviews on here for the X300 U clones), so I figured I would do a little write up comparing an ACM Surefire X300 clone with a real steel Streamlight TLR-1 HL. To begin with, I purchased the x300 clone off www.aliexpress.com for just under $46. For those who don't know, the website is essentially direct ordering from China with pretty good prices and free shipping on most items (though it is normal China post shipping...ie 15-30 days AFTER the order is processed and shipped). Unfortunately you cannot order any airsoft guns off there, but accessories and tactical gear are plentiful (along with just about anything else you can think of). 


Anyways, onto the review and comparison:


When I first received the x300 clone, it showed up in a standard padded mailing envelope with the light completely wrapped (several times) in bubble wrap. Due to not having a box, I have absolutely no idea who makes this.. Included was the weapon light, a small allen wrench, and a picatinny rail adapter. After removing the light from the packaging, I was met with what looked like a high quality piece of equipment. The body is CNC'd aluminum and there are pretty accurate and nice looking trademarks. The fit and finish are excellent, being fully anodized with a nice matte black finish. I popped open the battery hatch, loaded up two rechargeable cr123a's, and was pleasantly surprised at how bright the light was. The seller claims the clone is rated at 300 lumens, and I fully believe that is pretty close to the actual output. The light gives a nice tight focused center beam with a fairly wide secondary peripheral beam. The LED outputs a slightly blueish tint, which (IMO) is actually nicer than the real steel x300 yellow hue. Controls for the light are simple and mimic those of the real x300...press in on either if the switch wings for momentary on, or rotate the switch up or down for constant on. The only thing left is to test the light on my real steel Beretta 96a1 to see how it holds up to the snappy recoil of a 40 cal. 


With that out of the way, this next part is just a short comparison of the clone to a real steal TLR-1 (unfortunately I do not also have a real steel x300 to compare). First thing first...the TLR has a slightly wider but shorter body, larger lens, and a glossy finish (with a flashy chrome ring). Both lights run off 2 CR123A batteries and come standard as a pistol rail mounted, with options to swap parts out to mount to a standard picatinny. Going along with the size, the TLR is also slightly heavier. Though there is not a substantial difference, when mounted to a pistol you do notice. The light output of the TLR, 630 lumens, is also over double that of the clone x300. The primary beam on the TLR is a whiter hue and the pattern is much wider with almost no secondary peripheral (though it is still bright enough to light up an entire room). Controls of the TLR are somewhat similar to the x300, with the main differences being the additon of strobe modes, as well as momentary on being rotating the switch one direction and constant on being the other direction. Now you might consider comparing a 300 lumen clone light to a 630 lumen real steel light as being unfair, but the point is that for $46 plus a months wait for a clone of a $230+ weapon light, even compared to a real steel brand $150 weapon light, It is a pretty imressive and nice piece of equipment.


with that, my overall rating of the x300 clone would be a 9/10. The only thing holding it back from a solid 10/10 is the fact that it is still fairly new (2 weeks old), so longevity, especially on rechargeable cr123's (which can actually output 3.7v-4v, not 3v), is still TBD at this time. 


And here is the stuff everyone really wants...the pictures!



x300 clone on Kjw m9, TLR-1 HL on Glock 19







dimension comparison



X300 clone light output in pitch black room (with dark gray walls)



TLR-1 light output in same room



TLR beam top, x300 clone beam bottom

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