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Yup.  Cool system but lots of issues.  Hopefully it will be a case like the lab grown meat situation.  The first burger was what, $325K? The price has fallen dramatically now so that you don't need to take out a mortgage for your lunch.

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4 hours ago, DarkLite said:

I find it staggering that people are still considering this a viable platform when it costs that much and has such a laundry list of problems.

Credit where credit is due on their customer service (unless you had to pay for all those repairs/replacements) but this is a system that costs $1750USD and $45 a magazine!

I appreciate the design intent but there have been some very serious missteps in implementation, and the price point is still as ridiculous as it was at release.

I will fully agree with you on the magazine issue. I can buy a pack of 10 standard magazines for the same price. The DAS mags are made of metal, but it’s design is still a basic style gas magazine. I don’t know if it’s maybe the supposed cerakote finish, but my money is on because they can charge that much. Getting all 11 mags from start to finish wasn’t cheap, but getting the extra 5 helped. 


I still do also see if being a viable platform for more of the milsim players out there, or those who like GBBR platforms. Price point is still way to high. Even their skeleton kit is expensive. It’s only 200 less than what the full rifle coats. If it was dropped down between 800-1k I would see it being a more viable option. Still pricy though. I guess it’s still a nitch gun you could say. And there really isn’t that many problems that it seems to have. The  buckings getting chewed up is a large complaint, especially if you switch it out. Personally I haven’t had this issue, yet. Long term use and abuse for what I have seen on the bookface page is the sear possibly might have trouble and the biggest one is the motor. At one point it seems like DAS went with a cheaper company I guess as more people started having issues with it, me included. One guy had, if I remember right, two motors burn out. One within minutes of receiving and installing his replacement. 


Its still good too see peope like you out there to nit to nit pick these things apart to get others, including myself, heads out of the clouds. I get myself up there sometimes with it cause I feel unique and different in my own way. Always likes that feeling. 


Well, any ways. Tired and lost track on exactly I was going to say. 

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