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AK Manipulation Techniques from a man who knows


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This is why I love posting these things on airsoft sites so much.


I'm not talking about Mr Wood, but some people out there (probably on facebook) are still so completely embedded in the hate train that emerged from the Magpul Dynamics DVDs back in the day that they'll see something clearly utterly, utterly ridiculous and think it's real just because '***pul' was such a cool phrase for the moronic and ignorant a few years back and it was absolutely the done-thing (especially here in Britain) to rail on that pair because they dared push in to new ground and do things differently.  Fact now is many aspects of the CQB shooting techniques they really popularised are now a military standard all over the globe.


I think I'm gonna have to go post this in some groups, could be bountiful.

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I would be intrigued as to how it would go down on UKAZ.  There are some utter Magpul hating spanners on there.  Try and point out a lot of the stuff has been taught for decades before the Magpul stuff brought it into the light and they laugh you off for being too operator.

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The fact that he manipulated that ak by grabbing the muzzle end of the rifle.


He pushes products more than "training". I wouldn't take training advice from him.


Really use a mag to eject a mag then go for another mag.


Then his followers are going omg best thing ever!!!


His mp2 insert is a kiwi ripoff and denies any familiarity.


He's a terrible instructor, I'd take advice from a ml/le before him. Same with Costa, those stupid dynamic dvds.


They are product pushers before trainers.

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