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AK Manipulation Techniques from a man who knows


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I will be honest, I have sat and watched all of the Magpul Dynamic Handgun DVD, including the obvious out-takes, but I would still not call them great 'instructors' but they present a specific demographic with a video that fits them. It feels like they (well Haley, not sure on Costa myself) know what they are doing but not exactly how to explain it without simply running through it and hoping people pick up.


They are what they are, and they are their for those that like them, but they are hardly teaching the best of techniques and if you watch the videos you will see that while they explain what they are doing they don't enforce it on the students, allowing corrective habits to creep in. This is a parody in the above videos case and while I get it, I just feel that it is stupid but not quite 'funny'. But again to each their own and I am sure this had some people in stitches which is cool. :D


EDIT: As for the Dynamic Pie ones they feel better thought out overall and make more sense to me as humour, to me that is firearm humour.



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