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50 Shades of Tube stations/footballers


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Absolute??  Old *bramston pickle*.... I jest, I put it on in work sometimes when I can't stand yet another R1 hipster d-bag talking for a single second longer about how many celeb bezzies they've got and how privileged their lives are.


I wouldn't get the football one but some of the station names work pretty darn well. 8 lols out of 10, I'd rate it higher than innuendo bingo.

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Ha.  It's the only station I listen to and I'm 29 heh.  I can't stand anything else.  Too much and relentless repeats played on other stations.  Absolute has a pretty decent ban list list but they do sneak in a Nickelback every once and while sadly.  On the whole though, it's a decent range of music.  Though to be completely honest, I mainly listen to their Classic rock digital station.  I love me some classic rock.


With you on the football.  Can't stand it but there are some amusing names.  Not as good as the stations as you say.

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That's funny.


For me in the work truck I listen to the "oldies" ( http://m.kgor.iheart.com/ ), they used to play 40s to the mid 70s music.


Now they play a lot of 80s and 90s stuff which some I don't mind but much is annoying anymore.


Otherwise I listen to my own music lists on a cheap mp3 player. In my truck I listen to 90s to 00s metal.


I hate radio as much as I hate tv.


That one of the stations names killed me. Reminds me of this.



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