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Surefire XC1 comparison to ACM clone

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This is a side-by-side comparison to between the Surefire XC1 and the ACM clone (received via boom arms). 


Overall appearance:  

The SF XC1 has a black, slightly glossy hard anodized finish with laser engraved markings, which appear silver/white.  

The ACM version is also black anodizing that is a bit more flat that the SF, but it is also SIGNIFICANTLY softer anodizing than on the SF.   I did a scratch test with a steel knife blade and it took very little effort to scratch, while the SF took easily twice as much force without scratching. 

The markings on the ACM are also laser engraved (and appear grey) but not as deeply or "cleanly" as the SF. Also the ACM's "XC1" marking is solid, whereas the SF "XC1" marking is outlined. 

The switch design (both monetary and constant on) are quite different between the two (more on that later), and the recess machined around the constant on switch is much larger on the SF. 




(Surefire on left)



(Surefire on left)



(Surefire on left)




(Surefire on left)



(Surefire on left)


Surefire Dimensions: 

Total Over All Length =  2.427"/61.66mm

Length of body w/o cap&/switch = 2.021"/51.35mm (More on this later) 

Width: 1.06"/26.93mm


ACM Dimensions: 

Total Over All Length =  2.5 "/63.55mm

Length of body w/o cap&/switch = 2.103" /53.42mm 

Width: 1.101" / 27.97mm


Unfortunately,  I do not have a scale that will accurately weigh these so I cannot include that data. 


LED bulb/reflector:

The SF XC1 LED bulb/reflector is set deeper in the body and has a "faceted" reflector.  While the ACM has a smooth reflector and shallower mounting depth. 

The glass over the bulb/lens on the SF presumably has some type of anti-glare coating making it very difficult to tell there's even a lens there at all. The ACM has no such coating, as the glass it very easy to see.



(Surefire on left)



Both units run on a single "AAA" size battery.  I installed brand new Energizer "AAA" battery in both units before testing. 


Light output:

The SF is rated at 200 lumens according to Surefire.  The ACM is also listed at 200 lumens according to Boom arms.  While I do not have a proper light meter to measure the output, I can say that testing side-by-side, the ACM is NOT as bright as the SF.  I'd guess the ACM around 100-150 lumens. I came to that number by comparing the ACM to the SFXC1, AND to other lights (made by Streamlight, Surefire, etc) that are in the 80-150 lumen range. Even if I'm wrong and the ACM is higher than that, the SF DEFINITELY has a better "flood" and covers a wider area.  The photos don't really accurately capture the differences visible in person. 






(ACM Clone)


As I mentioned before the switches are rather different between the two.  The SF's momentary switch looks, at first glance, like a "rocker" like you commonly find on a weapon light. However, there are, in fact two separate micro switches (one on each side) and pressing down on either one will activate the light, releasing will deactivate. 

The constant on switch is located further up on the light and is a cross block switch (similar to a cross block trigger safety) that can only be activated by pressing it from the Right side. Press from the left to deactivate.  On a side note, I find the constant on switch to be in a bad place.  You have to shift/break your grip on the pistol in order to operate it.  This is a minor issue as I rarely use a weapon light in constant on mode, but I though it worth mentioning. 


On the ACM version, the momentary switch (which also appears to be a rocker) you have to push in or forward to activate, release to deactivate.  I find this to be problematic, as it is much easier to activate the SF's switch. The constant on switch is also of the cross block type, however, (unlike the SF) it can be activated from either side of the light, and pushed back to center to deactivate.  At first I thought this was a good thing as it makes that feature more useful to Left handed shooters. However, I found that when trying to deactivate it, it's all too easy to accidentally "over press" the switch turning it off (very briefly) and then back on.  Not a good thing if you want/need the light off, especially under stress. 



Here's where we really start running into issues with the ACM. 

The SF was designed with the Glock 19 in mind but also the capability to fit other pistols with a picatinny type rail, and it does that. I've mounted mine to several (real) guns and none have been an issue.   

(Surefire on M&P45. Yes, I know it's dirty. No, I don't care.)

I will note that I know that it will not it an M&P 9 compact or a rail framed Springfield micro-compact 1911, but those guns (and most of similar size) were never intended to use standard lights.

I also mounted the SF on several Airsoft guns without issues. 


The ACM on the other hand has some (big) compatibility issues, and this is where the extra length that I mentioned before becomes an issue.  

While it does fit my real Glock 19 (which SF will not like) it WILL NOT fit a real M&P (which should make SF happy).  Also it will NOT fit a KWA G19 (frame too wide) , TM M&P, VFC M&P (body of light too long), etc.  In fact the ONLY airsoft pistol I have that I could mount it on is a TM Hi-CAPA 5.1 (4.3 should work as well) and it not only looks ridiculous on it, but also causes some major shadowing in the light pattern. Since the KWA is closer to the real Glock dimensions than the TM (or clones thereof) it's unlikely to fit those either. 

Another "issue" with the ACM that the SF does not have, is the locking bar.  On the ACM, you must entirely remove the locking bar to install it on a rail (pistol or otherwise), the SF does NOT require locking bar removal. 



(ACM on M&P. Note the alignment issue, this issue is same on airsoft gun.)



(ACM on Glock 19. Note the alignment difference from M&P.)



(ACM on Glock 19)



(Surefire on airsoft KWA G19)



Both units mount to RIS/RAS type rails w/o issue.  


I fully intend to shoot my (real) Glock 19 with the ACM installed just to see if it will survive even brief use. I'll let you all know the results of that when I manage to get to the range.

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