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Review: ASG Dan Wesson 715 revolver

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Has anyone got any concrete information on which shells actually works with the 715?

I recently went into a local store and tried the copper tipped shells for Dan Wesson revolvers, but they interfered with the rotation of the cylinder. They do, however, work with the old, horribly ugly ASG Dan Wessons.

Will the new Gun Heaven silver tipped shells work with the 715?

If so: is there anyway of getting hold of the copper tip as a separate item for that realistic look?

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I've got some wear showing up on mine that I don't know yet how I'm going to deal with. The forcing cone is starting to become deformed from the cylinder hitting it and the latching points on the cylinder (for the bolt) are starting to mushroom out.

Really, it's only seen one game, but a lot of fondling also.

Forgot to get a pic of the slight mushroom on the bolt indexing notches, but I got one of the forcing cone.



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You can reduce the length of the forcing cone so that it doesn't go as deeply into the front of the chambers, also that will thicken the area at the end. You may need to give the inner barrel a wider chamfer though to compensate for any alignment issues. The same goes for the cylinder stops. You'll lose time as they mushroom further out, but there should be an equilibrium point where they eventually stop and just compensate with chamfering the inner barrel's mouth.

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No mystery just dremmel with soft brush then 000 and a rubber towel.


But there is still a faint shadow of the laser engraving but only in certain angles. I would warn you about going too deep since right underneath a thin layer of some sort of nickel plating it looks like copper. I guess you probably could add some shiny chrome finish but not sure of how to get the same finish as the rest. So probably you then have to refinish the whole gun.

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