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Kit List for Milsim

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After many years of playing sunday skirmishes I've decided that this year I'm finally going to give milsim a bash.I've started putting a kit list together but I don't want to leave anything out which is obvious to those who have played before, or take *suitcase* I don't need. This is what I've come up so far and all help is greatly appreciated




Batteries + spares


BDUs + spares

Eye protection


Load carrying equipment

Sleeping bag

Kip mat




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Illumination (on person /+ gun?)

Pen + small notepad


Thanks, both good and easily overlooked



Disruptive environment adaptive problem solving mindset

Got the first and working on the second

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A tarp to sleep under and associated cord and pegs.


multi tool and set of hex keys, leccy tape etc for basic maintenance (tightening up loose screws, etc) 


Something to cook with - be it a jetboil or hex burner etc. Lighter ( Clippers are the best kind you can get for under a quid imo) 


Waterproof socks to change into if your feet get wet


Insect repellent and insect net (depending on when, where you are playing)


Cutlery (For some reason this is my most commonly forgotten item when out in the woods)


Also think about warm underlayers if you find yourself standing about for a fair while. I like "wind proof smocks" as you can compress them down to the size of a cricket ball. Shout out to the norgie too. 


Further to blobface's suggestion I'd recommend a weapon light then a headlamp with a red filter (so you can read bravo two zero in bed) 


glowsticks may be useful for camps or whatever gameplay task you find yourself doing




Whistle (in case something goes wrong)
Dry sacks. 
beard is not conduicive to camo cream so shave it off. Going "full operator" by shaving EVERYTHING, covering body in camo cream then running off leaving a note on top of the pile of your kit is optional.
The short version is that you can make your own 24h rations far cheaper then buying a surplus MRE. 

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Thanks, that will be very useful. I'm thinking that to save space and weight I'll take some the self heating meals (or just the heating elevents). Wold this be a bad idea?

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Whatever you usually take with you to Sunday skirmish.



Spare top, bottom and socks, a gortex wet gear top.

Lots of water, no joke, lots of water.

Food of choice but protein and carbs. Make sure it does not cause you indigestion or emergency evacuation.


Depending on the milsim a bed role, unless you are a sleep everywhere person.


Tiny tool kit, if it don't help you fix your guns and gear toss it.


Medical aid for real emergency situations.

You can fit pain killers and bandaids in anything but always be prepared for a fall that causes a broken bone or a gash larger than than a large bandaid will fix.


Other than the bedroll make sure you can stuff all this in half of a 3day pack.


I say that because you want space for things because I never ever leave anything anyone will want to steal.


I keep everything on me if I can, if I can't I dont even bring it.


I prefer gun socks over cases or bags so I can use it as a scarf or whatever and it can roll up small and stuff it in the backpack.


Oz=lbs, lbs=pain

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And mind the packing of your gear.

It is very usefull to pack the bag and go for a strole just to see how the load bearing acts out.

Do mind the heavy things at top and even if the bag is waterproof, wrap your things in plastic bags inside.


Depending on footwear walk it in before the milsim, remember paracord it is very good for shoelases and al other things that need to be tight

Depending on you MT a small but good knife. pack it in with the mini medic kit to avoid trouble.


Depending on where, when why something to cover your AEG in i case of rain.


Also test your radio on battery time it might not last 48 hour


And you are probaly gonna have a lot of extraes on your vest.

Make sure it is secured in case of fall or running.


In case you use dropleg platform find alternatives.


Some usefull headgear. A good cap or boonie both for sun and rain.


Consider a hydration pouch. It is a gooooood pillow at night and you have acces to water

without having to fiddle around.


A good pair of gloves in case you dont already suchs

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A common theme with newbie soldiers is that they come out of boot camp carrying everything + half of the 5.11/tactical tailor catalog.


The idea is to carry enough to:  A) Fight  B.) Live C) Make do.


Everything you need to fight needs to fit on your self, which includes:


- Combat clothes (shirt,pants, gloves, hat/helmet, boots)

- Mags X 5 - 6

- Combat load of ammo

- Rifle


- Emergency snacks

- PRR (personal comms)

- Cylum

- Knife/Pruning Saw

- Weapon cleaning kit

- Cigarette lighter

- Torch (red/white)

- Compass (if a Rupert)

- Notebook/Pen for admin stuff


Everything in the backpack is for living:


- Lots of Water

- toliet roll

- Spade (for toliet roll)

- Fleece jacket

- Poncho/wet weather kit

- Wind breaker/M65/Smock

- Sleeping bag (get ones that are compressible and fitting to the environment i.e. don't use a arctic bag in the tropics or vice versa)

- bivvie bag (keep sleeping bags dry)

- Dry bag for sleeping bag or other bits.

- Half tent/Tarp

- folding/inflating mattress (keeps your heat from escaping to the ground)

- Food

- Cooker (etc folding propane camp cooker)

- Mess tins/folding pan if you are cooking

- KFS (Knife fork and spoon)/chopsticks

- Ammo/Gas

- spare batteries for AEG/radios etc

- insect repellant

- misc stuff:  Electrical/100mph tape, rope/nylon cord, cylums, alcohol wipes. (ie. for C) making do)

- Specialist stuff:  AN-PRC 117/119, more ammo, mortar ammo, field telephones (god knows which army would still use hand wounded field telephones...but if doing WWII re-enactment LOL), crew served weapons for man packing (mortar, HMG, MK19) etc...


An depending on where you are on earth it will be more or less a few addition and subtraction here and there. 

- When running around in <0*C thermal undies are a must to bring, as are thick boot liners, goretex booties and gaiters, and fleece jackets, smocks and rain gear is a must.  Spare clothes are optional.

- When running around in tropics, goretex boots is not recommended as are combat clothes with heavy polyester content or 50/50 nyco, you wouldn't need a fleece jacket or smock, but rain gear is a must.  Spare clothes are a must.





For short duration 2-3 day exercises you need Carbs and proteins, with constant electrolyte replacement (salt or electrolyte packaging). 


Most ideal and portable food is actually a Snicker bar (peanut for protein, salt + sugar, really satisfies you).  But that can get particularly boring after a day.  I bring snickers, and a combination of jerky, salted nuts, and trail mix (cereal, nuts, dried fruits) etc or if you are fancy you can make home made trail bars (chocolate + honey mixed and baked with a trail mix), that variety can keep people sane for a week or 2.  Much better than MREs.




Usually human adult requires 2-4L to survive, so 2L is always carried on yourself.  However it does depend where you are, in colder conditions you will need a little more water and in tropics you will need much more (8L per day).


Webbing selection:


It is in fashion today to wear integrated body armour and webbing in the form of a plate carrier or a RAV/RBV/CIRAS + helmet.  While that is convenient for some and looks cool, there are lots of problems:


- Can't go low to the ground (bigger target)

- No Ventilation and leading to heat exhaustion (will require more water, breaks etc)

- doesn't have room for essentials for survival

- Requires adjustment for cold weather gear.

- Not many packs are designed for PC/armour


This is because the gear designed for short duration arenas, with constant resupply, often transitioning from mounted to dismounted or in airsoft wrold: CQB-Speedball.


For longer duration arenas such as a woodlands type game, would require different type of webbing. Chest rigs and belt rigs or a combination inbetween are preferred as they still allow packs to be worn, but still functional without it.  They basically can address all the issues with the PC/RAV type setups, but minus the protection offered by the armour.


A Molle battle belt + H-harness with 4 double mag pouches, 1 utility pouch and 2 water bottle pouch is plenty.  Likewise a $30 AK assault vest with 4 double AK pouches, 2 water bottle pouches and a belt attached is more than enough.


take example here:



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regarding food, I don't (and won't) ever go for expensive MRE type *suitcase*... you're going camping for a couple of days and playing BBwars, take sandwiches/bags of nuts/etc, if I want a hot meal I have some beans and sausages heated up on a camping stove!  No requirement to spend £5 a course on food that tastes bad and bungs you up for days.

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Spare socks, it's a treat on the Sunday morning!


Dry bags for stuff that need to be dry (see above). Your rucksack isn't waterproof. I doubt you do, but don't trust that train of thought.


Boil in the bag rats are easiest. I take those and a spork. No washing *suitcase* up - boil in mess tin, scoff, done. Choccy bars for treats/energy.


Fleece if it's really cold/your static for a bit.


Depending on how the game is played, dry kit to change into for kip, put wet stuff back on in the morning. This is probably the worst thing you'll ever do. It's as demoralising as anything :(


Water bladder is a must, you drink far more this way. To me, if you've got a bottle, no on ever stops and drinks enough.



Apologies if I'm telling you to suck eggs, enjoy the weekend and make us jealous by regaling us with war stories!

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You need a bigger pack just for that link...!


Those packs can be had cheaper. Ill link tomorrow when not on port, and they are sturdy too. Had one for a couple of years now, abused the *suitcase* out of it andits like new :)

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As it happens I'm looking to go on babby's 1st milsim this year - a Stirling Airsoft 4 day event in wales. Any thoughts on this bag? 




To be fair I already have a bundeswehr bergan and a karrimor (in civvie colours) but when a man "needs" more gear... man gotta have gear. 


I'd also (for personal curiosity) like to see an exploded view of people's camping / milsim "third line" stuff - If you have em post em!

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This is the one I got




Its been awesome. Loaded with heavy stuff and chucked around my car and work vehicles, used for a day pack in the lakes and hasnt missed a beat. I was expecting it to fall apart but its near as dammit like new.


No idea on the pack you linked skarclaw, sorry :)

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Now that is cheap, I might have to get 2 so I don't have to choose what pattern I want

It was £12.01 when I bought mine :P

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If you can there is a bit of info on the devtsix forums. They are more rs/MILSIM than skirmish/speedball.


They have a "line" discussion forum.

I did not need to know this. More browsing kit I can't afford/need...

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