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VFC SCAR-H (MK17) - Custom Laser Engraved Real-Steel Trades


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Make: VFC

Gun/Model: SCAR-H
Accessories: 6 x VFC Midcap (160 round) Magazines, VFC AAC Suppressor, Unbranded 1.25-5x Scope, Vert Grip
Condition: Used/Excellent - No Box
FPS: 345
So I'm considering putting my VFC SCAR-H up for sale.  This was purchased from another forum in (pretty much) new condition.  It is the un-traded version, which had custom engraved (and painted) trades added by the previous owner.  Note, he even had the real-steel font used for this - I can't get a photo to show how realistic these are.
No internal gearbox upgrades.  Prometheus purple hop rubber, and wired to deans are the only "upgrades".
Accessories are shown - anyone care to estimate a price? I had £350 all-in as a rough figure in my head, is this too much?
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