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Looking for some rough values/estimates for some GBBs...

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My old man, bless him, is giving up on airsoft and wants a rough guide for his collection of GBBs.


I don't have pics at the moment but they've barely been out of the cases they've been stored in for years.



#1 Marushin 8mm silver/chrome Automag, with two black mags and one silver mag plus various weights of 8mm bbs. Shoots well. Plinked in garden.


#2 Tanaka black S&W M500, with loader tool. Currently missing the front sight but hoping to get one sourced from Asia. Seem to recall that this gun was fiendishly evil to shoot. Skirmished once.


#3 Tanaka black P.06 8 inch Luger, two magazines plus the snail drum magazine. Shot well IIRC. Plinked in garden.


#4 Unknown gas Mauser. Bought nine or so years ago. Has at least two of the longer magazines. Skirmished a few times.


Any insight gladly accepted. Ta.

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