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ASG CZ SP-01 "Shadow" GBB

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Full album of high resolution pictures 

(Including some internal ones!)






Hi! Another cute short little review, copy pasted from my reddit post.

Arnies doesn't like me posting the giant non-resizable direct images from imgur, so take a look through my album!


It's my new favorite sidearm. I've had it for a little over a week now, so I have some words to say on it:
So a little background for ya on myself. My favorite handgun in the world is the Sig P210. I love its lines and specifically how the slide rests inside the frame (opposite of let's say, an M1911).
Thus, Cz75s make me feel all good down below (to quote Booligan, they make me tingly in my dingly). I've owned the KJW and KWA, and both were alright pistols with their share of flaws.
Fast forward to now and holy *suitcase* this thing is fantastic! First off, it feels amazingly good in my hands, both in construction and shape. The KJW and KWA CZ75s had *suitcasey* shiny finishes but this one has a lovely matte-isn one that just...feels right. This is a quality GBB pistol and that is apparent as soon as you pick it up. Hopefully my pictures well illustrate how great it looks in person.
Seriously, head to a local store and handle one though, this is one solid gun.
As with most KJW releases, it has both GG and CO2 magazines, but comes standard with a GG one. Yay for me, but for those people that need CO2, maybe work something out with your seller. I am pretty sure that it works with standard KJW Cz75 magazines but no promises.
Moving on, the recoil spring is nice and stiff, resulting in a surprisingly swift slide action. As someone so used to WAs and TMs I was pleasantly surprised. The trigger is a bit stiff though, but I'm sure it will ease up over time. Similar to on a WA,  it works from double action WITHOUT needed to rack the slide first. 
1. Insert mag
2. Pull trigger
Not terribly realistic but it is very convenient. On that note, the trigger has a small hex bolt in it so that you can prevent over travel on rearward motion. Convenient!
Disassembly is also painless, the slide release pin pops out at the rearmost position, not an awkward arbitrary like on a 1911. With the slide removed the first thing I noticed was how clean the internals looked. It's like a dorm room cleaned before a tour at college. Smooth metal covers all the finicky bits except for the protrusions necessary for function. Clean! Also the hop up is adjusted with a massive screw, not a tiny dial.
The M1911 is a pretty common gun so that is what I chose to compare the aesthetics and size to. The pics really speak for themselves here, but a big take away is how low the barrel rests in the SP-01 frame. A huge thing with the real deal, admittedly not a huge one here...
Something disappointing about the gun though is that most modern lights look like *suitcase* on it. It's sleek curvy yet angular aesthetic demands a special light to match, which my TLR-2s does not. My cheap NCStar light actually doesn't look half bad though.
TL;DR: It's fantastic and I love it, I seriously recommend anybody interested to go buy one immediately. No regrets at all from me.
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Aaand I want one to complete my trifecta, since I already have the CZ75 and P-09.


Where in the EU can I get one?

They were shipped to distributors during SHOT 2016 so theoretically the shops that wanted them have them. I know a lot of US shops received shipments but haven't started selling.

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Booligan has a good video on it in Youtube.


I'm impressed with it and the magazines do look like the older CZ75 magazines which if so, makes life easier for me as I have 6 of those already.


Double action trigger pull seems to be as smooth as that on the PO9 which is a major improvement over the original CZ75. He says something about the single action being "adjustable" but no details,


No hammer drop safety, so its cocked and locked like the 1911 and previous CZ75.


Not a huge fan of fiber optic sights (only the front and the rear is plain black without outline or dots). Maybe someone will come out with a solid front sight.


Looks like another winner from ASG/KJW. 

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"Giant hope adjustment" Laughed my *albatross* off :lol:


I just yesterday bought this gun aswell, will try my luck with co2 mags again but I accidentally bought 2 gas mags instead of co2 ones so report on those later to come.


But externals wise I can already say that I agree with vorpalbunnie, this thing is awesome! One thing that I found funny is how it sounded rather similar to a realsteel FN HP-DA due to it kind of having the slide inside of the frame, the quality of the metal also helps in this. Cant say the same about my KWC Tanfoglio limited because of its *suitcase* metal.

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VSR style hop rubbers and 80mm inner barrel? What are the retention options with this? I can't see a lanyard loop on it.

I haven't taken mine apart yet, though I believe they use the KJ style buckings. Mostly similar, though they have the tabs on both sides to keep it centered, unlike VSR buckings which only have it on one side. I don't know if there are any size differences or if those are compatible. See: http://shop.ehobbyasia.com/falcon-6-03-precision-inner-barrel-for-kjw-kp-09-gbb-105mm.htmlhttp://shop.ehobbyasia.com/falcon-double-point-hop-up-rubber-for-kjw-cz-p09-gbb-70-deg.html


I don't think there's much that can be done right now to be honest, 


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The KJW and KWA CZ75s had *suitcasey* shiny finishes but this one has a lovely matte-isn one that just...feels right. T



Just like the real Czech made 75 from the eighties. It wasn’t until much later they got a nice matte finish, possibly when the US lifted the block and allowed them to be imported into the US.

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