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Initial impressions, boneyard S&T Type 64

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Well, increasing pressure on the stock bucking will only take you so far. Best just to chuck it and get something with a proper hardness, make a flat nub, and put a custom patch in the barrel.

Proper flat hop and you can get range with the best of them.

But I guess making a bigger nub can help temporarily.


But yes, I totally agree with putting a bigger o'ring in that slot, the adjuster would be a little more stable.


PS, I took a few pics with a friends scope. Not my choice of rings, but it's not half bad. Like if the PSG1 was 20 years older.

if I can get photobucket to work on my phone, I'll post them.








Honestly, I'm so glad that putting tape on these things is a thing so I can keep that dumb shoulder rest held down.

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