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Hello from a 'Vintage' player

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This is my formal introduction to the site, and I'm glad I'm here.


I am a newbie to the world of airsoft - it's taken until my 52nd year to find the sport! 


Now I want to make an admission up front. I am Australian (sorry about the Rugby World Cup Scotland......) via a Scottish mother. If being from convict stock is a problem please let me know.


After a career in the Australian military spanning close to 35 years (27 years in the RAAF and 8 as a civilian) I have retired from paid-employment, well at least working for someone else, and find myself with time to pursue other interests. Funny thing is, I've realised my main interest is all things military! It's just that after all of those years and rising through the ranks I'd lost touch with the 'fun' parts of a military life. Guns, shooting and the coolest gear.


So airsoft is my way of reconnecting with everything I miss about the military without actually having to be in it. Let's face it, plastic is much safer than lead.


I look forward to being an active participant and learning from all of the old and bolds in the sport. I also hope to see a few of you at events around the UK and farther afield. And not just in the cross hairs.

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Welcome. The first thing I'm obliged to ask is are you based in the UK, or in Australia? Airsoft is de facto banned in Australia because it is impossible to legally import airsoft guns.

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