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Various WW2 and 'Vintage' era airsoft AEGs and pistols.


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My old man is giving up on airsoft due to lack of time.


He has a variety of airsoft guns he wants to sell, and I'll be doing this for him.


I will get pictures, so I am sorry for the lack of them in the post. I have tried to be as detailed as possible to help with valuations.




CYMA Thompson - good condition, works well and has 2 magazines. Has the wooden furniture fitted but also has the faux wood plastic furniture.


CYMA 'Chicago Typewriter' style Thompson - fluted barrel, fore grip and 1 drum mag. In very good condition. Shoots well, but a little hot at 360fps. Barely used.


King Arms FN FAL (long) - missing the fire selector lever, paint worn in places and fires better with a quality bb brand like Excels. Seemed to double fire on full auto with cheap brands before Steve from a well known Portsmouth based shop/site had a tinker. 3 locals and 2 hi caps. RIS upper and non-RIS upper included.


ACM MP40 - fires well, good condition, 3 magazines.


ACM Sten gun - fires well, battery wires threaded out of the gun to allow use of a bigger battery in a stock mounted pouch. Good condition. 3 magazines.


CA M249 - bit of a mission this one...set up with a para short barrel and sliding stock, but has the long barrel and solid stock too in the package. Spare gear box. Spare pistol grip. Fires really well when box mag is working. Modified to have battery in the box mag and for the mag to wind when gun firing. Catch to hold magazines in has broken and been fixed. Basically could do with a brand new box mag.





Tanaka S&W M500 - fires well, missing the front sight, good condition. Fires with a real crack.


Tanaka Luger P.O8- black, long barrel, snail magazine plus 1 normal magazine. In basically un-skirmished, kept in a box condition. IIRC it fires well.


Marushin .44 Automag - superb condition. 3 magazines plus silver pistol case and 8mm bbs of various weights. Fires very well.


ACM Mauser - semi-auto. 2 magazines. Fires well, unsure if GBB or NBB though. Good condition.



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