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Hello Airsoft lovers, another back garden plinker turns to proper skirmish

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Hi all, I'm Biigs and ive been an airsoft fan since i was 14, been plinking coke cans and punching targets for many years, been through spring pistols, gas pistols got my first AEG a few years ago and a month or so ago put my years of practice into action and went to a registered skirmish site and played my first day [bringing 3 friends along using the sites rental gear].


What i expected it to be more like paintball turned out to be so much more and put simply, a heck of a lot more fun!  Levels of simulation from the full on military enthusiast all the way down to humble rental players just looking for something that takes skill, exercise and team work.  What a first day we all had, i had been collecting and breaking/upgrading airsoft for a while so i was half prepared - but when we all got in the car to go home - all blown away by professionalism and dedication airsofters had for how they spend their weekends!


Finally signed up to this forum as ive read it many times when searching for info and help with upgrades and maintenance to everything that goes with the sport, now i can ask and read to my hearts content as a member, and a person who plans to make airsofting more than just back garden marksmanship in his life.


I currently own a modified Warrior L96 spring sniper a gas socom MK.23 pistol a gas glock 17 and a J&G G36c AEG (i used the MK.23 pistol and the G36c on my first skirmish).


I broke my G36c that day toward the end of the day but it was old and i had asked alot from it all of a sudden - currently waiting on a new beast to be delivered which is another post for another day and another skirmish coming up in the next few weeks.


So HELLO! I look forward to taking part in some of the discussions here to get my geek side love of airsoft an outlet to fellow players/plinkers.





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Hello Biigs welcome to the forum, as you can see i too am new here but not new to the sport of shooting i am into all types of shooting. :)

just wanted to say hi and welcome from a fellow newbie on here..


ATB, Marc..

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