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G&P M16A1 & M733 Metal Bodies


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They look good but no detatchable carry handle. :(


M16A1 and M733 are not supposed to have detachable carry handles.




M16A3 and M4A1 have flat top receivers if you want to use a deachable carry handle.



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I have the G&P VN metal body, and the Hurricane M733 metal body.



The G&P VN metal body isn't the easiest metal body to install, very very tight fit, had to take the fake bolt out on it too. But with the new hop up and air nozzle it took my stock gun up to 308 FPS, very nice amount if I may say.


The hurricane M733 metal body is -extremely nice- as well, still a tight fit, but hurricane's hop ups are ###### in all honesty.



If pics are desired, please PM me.

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