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Norwegian Gear

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Hello Guys


ive been absent from airsoft for over a year now, with various commitments i have had to leave the airsoft world for a time, so i have decided that i must sell what gear i have left so that it goes to a good home rather than collecting dust. 


the last project i was working on before i left was a Norwegian FSK style loadout.


with the help of Pkekyo_ Nor i managed to obtain a substantial number of genuine items which cost me a pretty penny!


The gear is as follows 


Eagle CIRAS Maritime w/ Soft & Hard armor inserts (the latter being a DIY jobby)

NFM HK416 Doubles in desert camo

NFM TQ pouch

DBT Frag Pouch

NFM Radio Pouch

Tactical Tailor M4 Singles 

RG Double M4/AK mag pouch (can't remember the brand)

M249/SAW Pouch modded as a mini Hydration Pouch 


there are many other items which i am still digging out of the attic but ideally i would like this to be sold as one piece 

it all in very good condition however it's just a shame ive not used it as much as i wanted.


so id like to know much this could potentially be worth?












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