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MK18 MOD1 impression - light?

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Hey guys


I am going for a MK18 MOD1 impression but

Currently I am running a NE M600C which is pretty good in my opinion

but to forfill the impression I need a M3X light.

But in terms of functionally which one is the best.

I'm going for an Element copy of the M3X.


I do not use any filter but I do like the pressure switch.


Are they of equivalent quality or just about or??

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Many moons ago, I had an Element M3x.  The plastic was so weak in both its' physical properties and at its' joins, that the tension of the springs that touched the ends of the battery just inside the closure cap caused the entire light to literally explode itself when I closed said cover one time.  Bought a TLR-1 after that, never looked back..


I'd hope they'd have improved in the past 4-5 years or so, but it's chinese stuff made as cheaply as possible, regardless of how many positive or negative reviews you get you're always taking a gamble.

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I too had an Element M3X. I was screwing around with it one day and the plastic "lip" that holds the battery cap on snapped off. I looked down at it in total disbelief and said "WTF, seriously?" 


Total garbage. Avoid.

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