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What is your next wish/project?

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Hello again


What is your next wish for gear or project within airsoft?


Mine are:

Upgrading motorcore and trim AOE of my cylinders - having it done by a friend

Sight for my primary AR15 platform

Red dot on my USP.45 help from another friend

Ambidextrous gearbox/fire selector

New vest for my danish camo outfit.

Getting a better radio in general with headset and PTT

May new foam for my guncase


A few years ago I had several guns and always having projects to upgrade or improve them.

Now I am down to 2. My primary AR15 platform and my side arm a USP.45

Now I am just keeping them running and refine them over time and when part are avaible for good prices


What is on your to do list?

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setting up a Wolf grey CQB loadout.

Got the top, cap and chestrig.

Need pouches, Mechanix gloves and optional pants.


I have a Airsoft Masterpiece .22 slide waiting for UAC parts.

Making this a AM/UAC project as far as possible.

Will be my Pistol only GBB. Needs a Inforce APL.


My ASG Scorpion Evo need new screws because they use *suitcase* quality screws.

Need to be careful when assembling it.

Also the dedicated EVO M95 spring. This cut down M120 isn't consistent, seriously.

Will add genuine CZ white ball sights and Inforce WML 200, hopefully can score QD slingmount so I can use a Magpull MS3 or BFG sling.


Not sure if keeping my now discontinued ClawGear Vegetato vest / camo.

It's not bad and barely used, but I need a taste of UF-Pro P40 camo and Direct Action gear Hurricane chestrig in Greenzone.


Realsword T97 will probably need to go for an E&L Gen2 AK104 or, if reviews are good, the yet to be released ASG Bren 805 pro line.

Probbaly a E&L AKM because it looks sooooo nice as backup / wallhanger.


Change out every barrel with PDI 6.05 or 6.08 with PDI or maple leaf rubber.


Why ASG? Warranty and I can buy it locally


Why is it taking so long? mortgage/refurnishing in combination with premum brands like Arc'teryx and BFG.

Just this once I want something nice and want to settle with it.

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TM/Detonator/Guarder/OCT/ReadyFighter/UAC/Nineball/custom M&P9L build. I've got all the parts waiting to be assembled!


My AR15 P* needs some work too.. It's just too damn heavy, I need to stick some carbon fibre wherever I can or something! Aluminium just isn't cutting it!



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Chicago palm protector.


semi auto shotgun built from 1911 parts


rebuild BMG pistol


double barreled shotgun (3 different designs going on right now :s)


external gas and BB feed mod for 1911 magazine


webley revolver converted to green gas


Webley bayonet with internal midcap mag that feeds BBs into the shells as the cylinder cycles increasing capacity from 6 to at least 30


redesign of ICS sa80 hop unit (because it was designed by a moron, the hop arm works backwards)


flywheel driven 'flamethrower'


ACM M500 midcap magazine, and leak fix


steampunk taclight made from an oil lantern


scratch build not-replica-but-still-a-RIF LMG


servo skull (gun skull) with springer pistol internals that can shoot 6mm bb or nerf darts


aug midcap rebuild (x5)


hfc colt 1908 vph to have hop unit.





I have the techical mind to design all of this but I don't have any tools or skills to build the parts required. It bloody ###### me off.

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  • Some sort of scope for my RS SVD.  Wanted to get a Romanian TIP2 on the cheap but no dice.
  • Bits and pieces I need for regular skirmishing, like speedloader, killrag, more ammo and magazines for stuff.
  • As much as I would like to nab a TM GSPEC, too rich for me atm.
  • The urge for more oversuits and random bits of kit.


As for silly ideas, I thought recently of how in the world one would make a combo regular midcap/stripper clip fed magazine for models like vz.58 and whatnot (someday when it isn't just ares making them).

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Nice. :)


For me at the moment, im just trying to do my hi-capa project build. Im just at the start at the moment, here is a link..



But at the start of next month i should have a few few nice bits for it, CNC slide, steel outer barrel, customized grips and maybe more. :)


Soon as this project is finished, although it will take about 4 months, then i am thinking about a beretta 92fs project, but we will see 4 months is a long time anything can happen..


Happy Shooting All. :)

ATB, Marc..

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My next project, hopefully, will be a double barrel shotgun firing aps shells. I hope it won't be overly difficult considering I've already made a single shot pistol for aps shells and it works fine. This will be like two side by side really.

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God! I have way to many projects and ideas to list, but right now my first priority is to get my old TM MP5 PDW/SP89 into shape.Have all the parts I need but first I have to re-wire and ad pico ssr mosfet, hiding it somewhere in the CA metal body.  I have dremeled out the rear of the gearbox and bolted a springguide to the stock creating a QD spring system, and I'm dying to try it.I effing hate electronics and soldering! I work slow, and I know it will take me at least a whole day to finish. I'm working on my thesis and don't have time or patience :(


So I guess in reality I need to be done with my thesis in order to finish my education and get a job so I can earn money and buy more foolish airsoft stuff! :)  Upcoming projects include adding grubscrews on top of my APS-2's for adjusting PDI hop and adding new piston-head and mosfet in my RS SVD. 

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SA80 wood kit.


There, I've said it. I'll actually have to do it now... 


I've taken the measurements for my WE L85. I've bought a block of oak, which I believe is suitable. Now I just need to stop looking at pictures of the EM-1/EM-2/early SA80 concepts, stop playing Fallout and start making them. (Oh, and I also need to learn how to make things out of wood)


After a 2 year break from the hobby, I decided to get back into it. I really CBA with proper realistic loadouts, and I've always had a fondness for post-apoc/Fallout style - so obviously making my L85 look 'faux-retro' with an entirely fictional set of wooden grips would be the best way to get back into airsofting. Hell, at least I'm having fun doing the paperwork side of it  :D

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I need to get

a new carrier

Then save for new pouches

Program my baofeng

Normal ghk m4 nozzle

2-3 more ghk m4 mags

Tinker with my TW some more.

New helmet because tmc is to small

Sara adapter kit for helmet/sordins

New optic for ghk m4


I need to get a couple parts for my we mk14mod0 and mag parts

Scope for we mk14



Maybe sell the mk14 so I can buy more mtg cards.

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•Finish the WE MP7, need a T1 (should be coming in), steel trigger, mod the hop and sort a sling

•Sort a low profile "undercover loadout", thinking big grey jacket, Rack/splitminus set up for an MP7 (anyone know how many columns of molle BFG helium whisper mp7 trips and quads take up?) with a 228/229 possibly in a covert holster. Some sort of grab bag like the Warrior ones but would love it in grey (then again might be too much grey if my clothes are too)

•Finish the WE 416, need a new PEQ 15 as stole it for the MP7, more PMAGs and an EXPS

•Build a Mk48 LWMG. Already have mag, gas block and barrel extension, need a donor gun. Want it to be the G&P because STEEHL and lack of STANAG port. Sorting the top cover will be fun.

•Mk12 SPR, trying to work out whether to modenise it (think short dot, CTR) or keep it classic.

•Sentry gun rig running off arduino boards

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I would like to get my main gun (ca G36) as good as possible. Gonna experiment with tape on the inner and take a dremel to this metal mounting block on the ag36 to ensure the barrel is free floating. A harder hop up too - any suggestions?


Other then that a guarder/ra tech alumnium MBK for the kwc mini uzi and associated upgrade parts. Gonna have a KISS loadout of that with 3 spare mags on a drop leg, pistol (2 spare mags) and considering getting an s-thunder 40mm pistol for the banter.



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In order of actually maybe getting finished, big empahsis on breathing life into some of my old relics:


CO2 Mags for GHK/G&G AR Box. Pointless fun!

M500 Bullpup (basically a AM m500 or marushin in an M88 Maverick kit)

M249 PIP Rebuild, new motor, wiring and a spruce up.

Various APS-2 builds, including a mag adaptor. What can i say, I'm old.

The Great FAMAS Revival (G2, felin proto and wreck recycling)

P14.45 Combat+ with shooters design frame and slide and v1911 tac light.

92F target (compensator, external regulator and scope)

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Hard hop up is only good for heavy rounds, not so great for light rounds <= 0.28g.


I think my projects are more RS and Pyro based now since I have done so much already in way of airsoft.  Recently I:

- Added an MBK to my Mini UZI with 5 mags

- Created a tracer hop unit on the Sterling SMG. 

- Repaired a broken blowback unit on my Beretta M1934 with plastic welding and sculpting.

- Marui FAMAS F1 resurrection, with an Hbar, weights, reinforcers and an upgraded to 450fps.  Minimal creaks and rock solid accuracy.


So my next projects are:


- 60mm mortar with bird cracker shells

- Blank firing grenades

- Numerous RS projects.

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I think I've gotten to the point where my only ongoing "project" is keeping my guns alive. I skirmish quite a bit more than your average Arnie's member, to the tune of 4-7 times a month. My guns are showing the signs of such heavy use.


I'm slated to graduate college in December with a bachelor's in mechanical engineering. Once I have some real cash flow, I reckon some of my pipe dreams will become more feasible...


L7 GPMG build

More custom load bearing kit, ops vests, chest rigs, etc.

Early 2000s SAS CRW "black kit"

Older SAS kits like Oman, Malayan emergency, etc.

40mm shower shell that is actually usable, custom machined and run off a 12g CO2 canister

Gen 3+ BNVD-Gs

Lots and lots (and lots) of real guns, suppressors, optics, etc.




But, in the meantime, I have some projects that will cost me nothing.


Continue training my local site's marshals how to properly chrono, as I am "retired" from the role

Land warfare, MOUT, and CQB training with my buddies

Getting in/staying in shape

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Waiting for someone to release the Red Dot style upper for the WE P90 and a steel or other suitably hard metal hop unit and bolt stop. 


Then having enough money to actually buy the above.... 


Otherwise, for once im pretty set. Be nice to have a new large CQB site in the South East though

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