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Greetings from a Viking lurker

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Ohoy there, I´m a native Swede and I´m not really much for discussing on here because I´m too inexperienced in this sport, so I resort to lurking and learning.


I´ve been playing airsoft for about a year now and I own a VFC 416 AEG and a WE M4 GBBR. I´m an avid pistol fan and I own a couple of those as well; a TM Glock 17 with a Guarder steel kit, two TM P226R pistols with Prime and PGC Navy metal kits respectively.


I´m a skirmisher, not a MILSIM-er, but my kit is sort of inspired by Swedish SOG (Special Forces-unit).


Anywho, I fugured I´d pop by here and say hello. So, hello!

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