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So I'm reaching out to some of the British military veterans on the other side of the pond here...


I'm looking at a number of rigs for some specific applications, and I found a couple of Arktis models for relatively low price. Has anyone ever used the M170 as a support gunner's rig? Specifically with a SAW/MINIMI? The magazine pockets look generous in size, as they are supposed to fit 4 STANAG mags. Has anyone ever tried putting a 100 round nut sack in one of those pockets? Basic math says it should fit, but it's been a few years for me and the SAW, and the nut sack dimensions could be a little off. At least the dump pouches look like they would fit a pork chop no problem. Unfortunately, their website doesn't offer any insight on the actual pocket dimensions, so if anyone has hands on experience your help would be welcomed.

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