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Old-timer's collection (US - HI, will trade)

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Hey all - I was into this hobby back a few years ago and had to take a break due to work / lack of time. Just recently returned to my home state and unloaded my storage locker which had my collection in it.


I'm looking to unload most of this stuff relatively cheap - however, I won't be testing anything and I'm selling everything as is. I took/take very good care of my items was more of a collector than a player but again, I haven't touched this stuff in a few years. 


I'd also be interested in trading items (+ cash if necessary) for a KC02 with RA Tech parts, an LCT AK/VSS, a 5-7 or Glock of some sorts, or any sort of interesting pistols and non-AR rifles.


Without further ado, pics: http://imgur.com/a/f7T3i


All items will be shipped from Hawaii (non-gun items can be shipped from the SF Bay Area if you can wait 2 weeks). Please feel free to let me know if my prices are unfair - I have been out of this hobby for a while and do not have the time to double check the MSRPs of my items. Anyone who buys an AR can take the carrying handle (VFC aluminum) or some midcaps for free - first come first serve.




  •  JAC Uzi DX - classic airsoft gun, upgraded by a Japanese shop with a high flow flute valve, four recoil weights, a teflon coated tightbore, custom subchamber, hard O-ring, and stiff recoil spring, with 3 double stack mags. Needs a HPA or CO2 rig to run. Pristine condition, I've never fired it - it was purchased from Darryl Zero, longtime member of classicairsoft.org who runs a classicairsoft gun site. $300 + shipping.

  •  KWA 'Honeybadger'-ish M4 - done by Peter Do at Power Edge Hawaii. It has a fully upgraded Lonex gearbox with tuned hopup and Prometheus tightbore. Shoots about 430 fps on .2s, has a custom silencer and Viking Tactics rail, and is wired to deans. $320 + shipping, comes with a carrying case.

  •  VFC Daniel Defense M4 - Fully trademarked. It has a stock VFC gearbox with a few aftermarket additions like Madbull rails and a flash hider. There is no motor nor motor cover - will update if I can find the cover. $200 + shipping, comes with a carrying case. Wired to Tamiya.

  • G&P Troy/VLTOR M4 - Fully trademarked. Stock G&P gearbox, has a Magpul CTR stock. The stock pipe is wobbly and the flash hider is chipped, and I haven't ever fired it. Comes with your choice of an Echo1 high torque motor or a TM Hyper1000 motor, separately. $180 + shipping. Wired to deans.

  • Western Arms Kimber MARSOC 1911 - Limited edition Western Arms pistol. Definitely a collectors item, though it shoots well. $220 + shipping, comes with one double stack mag, though I have more mags for sale

  •  Western Arms custom built Wilson Combat CQB 1911 - This was a custom build by a Japanese hobbyist. The base WA pistol was a LAPD SWAT II 1911, and he installed an aluminum Wilson Combat CQB slide on it, and tried to upgrade the internals. It wasn't done properly and the hopup needs repair - it fires in three round bursts and can chop BBs. The externals are in good condition, though. $200 + shipping, comes with one double stack mag

  •  Tokyo Marui Night Warrior 1911 - TM 1911 with Pachmayr American Legend grips, has two mags, one of them has a broken feed valve. $150 + shipping, comes with original grips too.

  •  WA 1911 mags - 3x single stack, 1x double stack. The double stack's rubber base has fallen off so the spring doesn't stay in place, should be an easy fix. No idea about the valve condition, would assume they need replacing. $40 + shipping each.

  •  Gearbox upgrade kit - Prometheus 135 spring, Lonex A2, SHS 18:1 and 16:1 gears, Matrix shims, Systema Energy hop pack, ASG alu cylinder head, Lonex POM piston head, Scatterplot 3/16'' sorbopad, SHS 14 tooth piston. $100 + shipping.

  • WE CQB Master Hicapa Dragon with extended mag, $70 + shipping.

  •  VFC Noveske KX3, iirc this thing makes your gun sound a bit scarier. $30 + shipping.

  •  JBU 6.03 teflon coated tightbore, no idea what the length on this is - if you're interested, PM me, I'll measure it. $30 + shipping.

  •  Magpul PTS hicap mag, $20 + shipping

  •  King Arms 11.1v 2000mAh 15C Lipo, $30 + shipping

Again, please tell me if my prices are unreasonable (evidence to support claims would be much appreciated) - I'm simply just trying to unload most of my collection after all these years, not trying to make a profit.


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Price drops:


$280 + shipping for Honeybadger


$160 + shipping for DDM4, throwing in VISM felt rifle case with pouch


$150 + shipping for VLTOR M4


$220 shipped on the Kimber 1911


$180 shipped on the Wilson Combat


$160 shipped on the TM Night Warrior


$40 shipped on the WA mags, $30 for the double stack


$100 shipped on the Lonex/SHS upgrade kit


$60 on the WE Hicapa


$30 on the KM Head TN tightbore

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