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New browning hi-power thread

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The old browning thread had been archived so I've opened this new one.

Always planned to get one but if I did get one to loose the hideous leaf sight and go with a bog standard set of irons and here it is . It's the WE of coarse and I'm really happy how it's turned hope you like as much as I do .



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As long as you use your head (and an angle grinder and a Dremel !) I don't think it was that hard !

First I removed the leaf sight , then ground down the 'hump' at the front and the side rails that the sight sits in between.

Then Dremel the top and bottom of the leaf sight to remove the range scale and flatten the underside as there's a channel there that the leaf spring fits in.

Next I used plummers putty (it's a LOT cheaper than mil putty) to sit the leaf sight back on the receiver. Once dry , sand smooth paint re-assemble and gun done !

Hope this helps make up your mind for you .

Cheers Druid .

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