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Official Photography Thread II: Electric Boogaloo!

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Or "wait, did we have a first one?"

Yeah, we did. It went the way of The Manly Thread, but since I got around to putting up a fanpage for my photos (and other stuff, but mostly photos), I thought I'll post a couple of things.


I use a Canon 1200D, with a 18-55 kit lens and a 50/f1.8 portrait lens when I'm feeling artistic (I'm trying to scrounge 300 quid for a 17-50/f2.8 Sigma zoom, for those times I can't walk back enough to keep everything in the shot).




I also post stuff on my Tumblr, between the guns, sci-fi artwork and large amounts of dogs at once:



Here's the fanpage, and here's a couple of samples:




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Canon 700D with a 35-185mm kit lens. I have a nifty fifty which is lovely, but I would love to get a fast 35mm f/2 to get the right balance for the APS/C sensor, but no money is no money.
















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You could have cranked up the shutter time a bit for the static pics, grain's most obvious on those weapon close-ups. Also, if you want to take dynamic photos, just work on Shutter Priority with auto ISO, on a f3.5 lens you should get enough serviceable material (unless the kit is very theoretically f3.5, my 17-50 kit narrows the aperture to 5.6 or thereabouts at the shortest focal length. Which explains why I want that Sigma.

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I'll fiddle about with the shutter speed settings. Thanks guys!

Also, this lens seems to be getting some decent reviews: http://petapixel.com/2015/06/01/review-yongnuos-35mm-f2-lens-for-canon-ef-packs-a-punch-for-the-price/


Chromatic abberations aren't great, but for £70 shipped on eBay I'm pretty impressed with the shots coming out of it.

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Invest in a monopod, that way you can still get sharp images when dropping the shutterspeed rather than cranking up the ISO. Plus monopods are pretty compact and easy to carry.


Also opening to the widest aperture doesn't always provides the greatest results, and often cheaper lens will give soft edges on whats in focus rather than a nice crisp image.

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Last month, I went to the local Comic Con and did some cosplay photos.




According to those two Demon Hunter cosplayers, I managed to take the best photos of them at the con.

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That's a lot out of a S1900. Although the Fuji S1000 series are pretty good point'n'clickers, I have a S1600 and used it for a long time (until I bought my new phone that finally takes photos you can see details in).

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Thanks, I got it as I wanted something basic which would get better pics than my phone but cheap (£40 second hand from CEX)


Anyway, here's a few I managed to take at Duxford last weekend









Just messing around with filters to get that old look

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Huh. That's weird, the quality of your pictures suddenly tanked, and drastically. The ones from Duxford are terribly grainy, like the image sensor is straining, which I find weird as I remember that a Fuji P&S can make decent photos even in bad conditions.

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Good advice, cheap cameras don't like working with ISO set above 400.

Entry-level DSLRs start stumbling between 800 and 1600, even if they can go up to 3200 nominally.

And a bit of trivia, a buddy of mine is a cameraman and once took some beastly video camera (Sony it was, I think) for a spin. Managed to get a clear video in the middle of the night, with ISO in tens of thousands. 19200 or so. He later shot an indie movie with it, with a scene lit by a shitload of candles. Didn't need extra light for it.

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Shame. I saw the Raptor at last year's Flying Legends (the best part was when she arrived and set all the car alarms off). Unfortunately this year I missed the P51 Berlin Express, who flew over from Texas, as her canopy exploded mid show on the Saturday. Unfortunately another P51 was forced to do an emergency landing in a field on Sunday right at the end of the show. The pilot got out fine and nobody was hurt so it's all good. Apparently they had more trouble getting it back to the airfield then getting it out of the field as no-one remembered to measure the gap between the traffic ligts


Edit: to stop the thread getting clogged with text here's a few shots I managed to get of local wildlife





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