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Arnie's get together for a game topic!


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It passed a few times but nothing much came of it.

For those wanting to game with other members a few times, post your Ingame Screenname!




Steam: Cheshire Cat

RS Social Club: Chesshire Cat ( yeah, typo, I know... )

Origin: not installed

uPlay: being a massive *ss by screwing around with Google Authenticator so I can't log in yet


See what games I have and perhaps we can have a go!


Ps. Origin and uPlay will be updated  once I get around to it


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Add me mate.


Me, my brother Dug (America) and my mate Chewie (Kashyyyk) need a 4th for heists and mayhem.


I have Yacht (Boaty McBoatface), CEO office (Axis Chemicals), Heist apartment, cars, bikes, Benefactor armoured, Kuruma armoured, Insurgent pickup, Benefactor limo with minigun turret, Valkyie, Savage, Buzzard, Annihilator, SuperVolito Carbon, Besra, shpeedboats, watercraft, level 101 and all guns except minigun.


I really, really want a Hydra so I need to do the Heists.















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I do have CS:GO (I suck at it), GTA V (turns out, I'm surprisingly good at that one, particularly corporate bailouts involving a helicopter) and Dirty Bomb (my usual selection is Skyhammer, Bushwacker and Phoenix). I'm in the Steam group under the same nick. So yeah, I'm available.

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I have to warn that I barely played GTA V online due to ... wel... juveline misbehavings of other players time and time again.

So I have no clue...


And I'm only a 'bit' good at Red Orchestra , Insurgency and Day of Infamy.


I consider myself pretty good at single player games ^^.


Later on, Tarkov!


Ps. Unreal Tournament '99 is welcome too :)

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having fun > being good


I'll happily play some UT99, except that the game is freeware/abandonware now and yet steam are still asking money for it. :l Ok steam... ok...


I have insurgency as well but servers are pretty dead these days, same story with red orchestra. Actually red orchestra is far worse, I've never actually seen another player on that game, ever, what a waste of money.


I feel it my duty to add Guns of Icarus to the list, as it's the best multiplayer only game that I've ever played, particularly if y'all on skype talking to your crew.





Only one person has deciphered my clues.

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