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Ookla measures megabits (Mb) per second and Steam measures megabytes (MB) per second.


8 bits to the byte.


1.3 MB/s is actually 10.4 Mb/s


It seems you are being hampered by your internet connection.





The GTA V download is 65MB which is approximately 520 Mb.

That means it should take 50 hours at that speed so it looks like it is peaking faster than that or it wouldn't even be half done.

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Welp, can't do much about that at the moment. Might upgrade to fibre when it comes available in the sticks where I am but for 90% of what I use it its alright.


Anyway, left downloading overnight and she's done now. Presumably I should play through some/most of the single player before attempting to go online?

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