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Back again

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A quick few year sabbatical, I had a couple of kids, and now looking to get back into it.


All the AEG's have mosfets as I like to play with electronics, and therefore enjoyed making a few mosfets with AB, to put in my aeg's.


Current toys:


G&G M4 carbine - stock (bought recently cheap to repair and maybe move it on)

AA L86 - custom internals, mosfet, 

Custom M4 based DMR - computerised mosfet to lock out auto, allow 11.1v lipo, and delay semi fire to not allow fast consecutive semi shots

LR300 - custom internals, mosfet

CA M4 with JB Unicorn F8A. - custom internals, mosfet

L96- Spring, multiple mods to improve general characteristics

FN2000 - modded to make work/reliable - looking to replace trigger mech. mosfet.


G19 KWA, metal slide all upgraded internals.


I think there might be some more, but I can't remember atm.


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