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Mystery Inner Barrel Needs New Hop Rubber - Can Anyone Identify?


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Hi folks,


Bit of a throw back question here to the APS-2, I figure there might be a few people still out there using this system! Can anyone identify this inner barrel?




Came in a crate of parts including a hop chamber but no rubber. Seems to be teflon coated, about 6.04mm and brand new so wouldn't mind giving it a try but can't do that without a hop rubber. A cursory google suggests KM but anyone recognise the make of this for certain?



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Yeah I have seen older ones that are grey as well. Had a blue one in my digicon target, still sorta works but the texture was altered by the lubricant in some green gas. Still cant figure how to order from KM. Would love some of their digicon upgrade parts. 

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I did buy a few anime figures on Rakuten marketplace, via some "proxy" purchasing service, there are some airsoft stores on there, too.


Some sellers on the marketplace would accept credit cards from overseas or simply paypal, if not the proxy can do the transaction for a few % fee, then the item shipper to proxy, finally shipped to you.




Well, for my current barrel/chamber setup I just go get Laylax PSS2 chamber locallay or order from PDI (x-fire), slap AEG barrels inside and call it done.

The KM barrel is so nice that I couldn't give it up, I guess some machinist can cut a few mm off, open a new chamber windows and reuse that barrel.

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Thanks for confirmation. Glad i'm not alone in sticking to this mighty platform.


I own or have owned almost every setup, PDI, CA, Firefly, PSS2. Eternally looking for replacement parts, new parts whatever I can get.


Playing around with google translate I did find KM's contact page, but if the transalation is correct they only want to deal in Japanese! Will give it a try and see what happens. Can't see why they wouldnt want to sell things. Also really want one of their short barrels.


I'd not thought of trying to use a proxy, might consider that if all else fails.


I haven't checked the outer diameter but I do own a small milling machine so I could maybe rework it for aeg fitting...

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It's just their culture thing, or simply don't like to deal with international CS, transactions and shipping.
I would go tackle Rakuten route first, it has a less attractive auto-translated English version.
Some sellers on there are actual airsoft stores, would communicate with you via emails, and do sales to you.
In fact I did check before posting the reply above, short outer and the proprietary bucking are there, just need to find my KM chamber first...... maybe I should search my browsing and just post the link for your convenience :P
Edit - here you go, this store do sales internationally.






Note: in English version of the pages they say sold out, but when I checked in Japanese version they say non-stocking item, worth asking if they can grab some from supplier, probably directly from KM, and then you can purchase them.

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Nice find Katotaka!


Greenmeance,I have chopped km barrels before, just be careful under the teflon nickel coating,they are brass and as such are rather soft.


A lot of stores are selling KM stuff of cheaply even though some of it is excellent quality! Suppose they are switching to newer brands. The last couple of years I have been working on two APS-2's as well, oldies but goldies! :) 

Stuck KM and laylax steel triggerparts in a Snow wolf M24 trigger shell, works well and lets you fit and polish each part to mesh nicely.

Have a look at UNCOMPANY, they sell a lot of old APS-2 parts cheap!  

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